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Wellness Walks

Join us for a mindful one-hour walking meditation in the Cotswolds countryside to celebrate nature and quiet the mind. With the guidance of one of our expert wellness practitioners, you will take in the sights and sounds of nature as you explore the grounds at Daylesford Farm. Starting at our Bamford Wellness Spa, during the walk you will learn how to bring the qualities of mindfulness to your experience outdoors and engage all your senses with mother nature, reconnecting with the spirit and elements of the season. Once you have reached a tranquil place, a 20-minute focused meditation suited to both newcomers and those more experienced in meditation will bring you back into alignment as you connect with nature mindfully. A final stroll will bring you back to our Spa, where the session will end.

Our Wellness Walks take place every Friday and Saturday at our Cotswolds spa, and we offer both an Awakening Wellness Walk in the morning and a Restorative Wellness Walk for unwinding in the evening. You will experience nature in a different light: as she rises in the morning; or as she prepares to rest at night.

Running Club

Improve your fitness levels with the Bamford Running Club. Our expert practitioner will start the one-hour session with dynamic warm-up stretches followed by a run through the grounds of Daylesford Farm, finishing with a cool down and recovery stretching. Improve your cardio endurance, strength and agility.

Includes exercises to strengthen your muscles and joints that will allow you to run efficiently and focus with an extended cool-down stretch for flexibility, performance and recovery.

- 60-minute session
- Minimum 3 kilometres
- Maximum 6 people per class
- All levels are welcome

To book your session please contact our Cotswolds spa:

Email: Bamfordspa.cotswolds@bamford.co.uk

Call: 01608 731703

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