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Carole Bamford's Spring Edit

'It's hard to resist the call of spring – the season is slowly revealing itself to us through its uplifting colours and scents. In the spirit of rejuvenation, here are some of the pieces I find myself turning to in anticipation of the longer, brighter, warmer days ahead.'

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  1. Bubble Jacket
    Bubble Jacket
    £475.00 As low as £332.00
  2. Geranium Hand And Body Wash 250ml
    Geranium Hand And Body Wash 250ml
  3. Matlock Pants
    Matlock Pants
    £345.00 As low as £241.00
  4. Strato Atomising Diffuser
    Strato Atomising Diffuser
  5. Mineral Stripe Wrap
    Mineral Stripe Wrap
    Regular Price £250.00 Special Price £175.00
    Out of stock
  6. Atomiser Diffuser Oil Set
    Atomiser Diffuser Oil Set
  7. Geranium Hand Balm
    Geranium Hand Balm
  8. Long Shirt Dress
    Long Shirt Dress
    £425.00 As low as £297.00
  9. Geranium Shampoo
    Geranium Shampoo
  10. Caspian Textured Crew Neck
    Caspian Textured Crew Neck
    £395.00 As low as £316.00
  11. Geranium Conditioner
    Geranium Conditioner
  12. Wide Leg Jogger
    Wide Leg Jogger
    As low as £175.00
  13. Rosemary Willow Diffuser
    Rosemary Willow Diffuser
  14. Geranium Love Candle 300g
    Geranium Love Candle 300g
  15. White Turquoise Water Bottle
    White Turquoise Water Bottle
  16. Apple Smock Cotton Dress
    Apple Smock Cotton Dress
    £595.00 As low as £416.00
  17. B-Cleansed Body Brush
    B-Cleansed Body Brush
  18. Botanic Sugar Polish
    Botanic Sugar Polish
  19. Hydra Sleeveless Tee
    Hydra Sleeveless Tee
    £65.00 As low as £39.00
  20. Trimless Tote Bag
    Trimless Tote Bag
  21. Aqua Painted Linen Wrap
    Aqua Painted Linen Wrap
    Regular Price £295.00 Special Price £206.00
  22. Vitamin C Serum
    Vitamin C Serum
  23. Beaded Tassel Bracelet
    Beaded Tassel Bracelet
    Regular Price £75.00 Special Price £52.00
  24. Hyaluronic Glow Mist
    Hyaluronic Glow Mist
    Out of stock
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