Positive energy in the home


Our homes can be our sanctuary, they can be our protectors: in taking care of the home, we are nurturing this relationship and honouring that it is a part of our well-being. ‘The energy of our homes is incredibly important for our wellness’, says energy healer Alla Svirinskaya. ‘We co-exist with our homes in the most incredibly symbiotic way.’
We asked Alla to share her recommendations and techniques for keeping positive energy flowing through the home:

1. Before you start any form of personal healing, start by clearing your space. ‘The home holds onto the vibrational energy template from your emotions, moods and interactions with others. During times of high anxiety, panic and fear, such as we are in now, don’t be afraid to distance yourself from the endless news on the TV and online. Keep your ‘aura distance’ by limiting your exposure to virtual information channel to neutralise the energy in the home.’
2. A multi-faceted crystal placed on the windowsill helps to attract and circulate the energy of light in your room.
3. ‘Sometimes it is not the experience that is destabilizing you, but the fact that you’re expected to experience something different. To overcome this, accept the present moment, let go of the grip of failed expectations and adapt to the energy of now.’
4. 'The energy of your 1st chakra (Root chakra) connects you with both: your home's energy and with your family’ says Alla. ‘Invest this time in healing the family's energy and restore the quality of your connection by spending time together without the distraction of technology. This will also create a positive ripple effect on your home's energy.’

5. Introduce nature into the space wherever possible. ‘Allow blooming flowers to remind you to stay grounded in the belief that spring will always come. Keep your energy field expanded, allowing you to resonate with the frequency of wellness.’
6. Challenge leads to change. ‘Now more than ever we are realising to what extent we’ve been devaluing the most precious currency of all; the human face-to-face connection. I hope we never again take this currency for granted and will always continue to invest in it.’



The place we live is a touchstone, a refuge or a space of calm; fill your home with beautiful objects, crafted with skill and care.

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