Father's Day Gifting

Our Father's Day gift guide is full of ideas from grooming essentials to our signature treatments to treat your father figure to a moment of self-care and relaxation.

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  1. Citrus Shower Exfoliator
    Citrus Shower Exfoliator
  2. B Silent Night-Time Organic Temple Balm
    B Silent Night-Time Organic Temple Balm
  3. Rosemary Willow Diffuser
    Rosemary Willow Diffuser
  4. Waffle Robe
    Waffle Robe
    As low as £175.00
  5. Revive Atomiser Diffuser Oil
    Revive Atomiser Diffuser Oil
  6. Strato Atomising Diffuser
    Strato Atomising Diffuser
  7. Kiln Teaware Collection
    Kiln Teaware Collection
    As low as £25.00
  8. Balance Atomiser Diffuser Oil
    Balance Atomiser Diffuser Oil
  9. B Balanced Cork Block
    B Balanced Cork Block
  10. Isla Face Roller
    Isla Face Roller
  11. B Balanced Cork Peanut
    B Balanced Cork Peanut
  12. Isla Gua Sha Heart
    Isla Gua Sha Heart
  13. B Strong CBD Body Lotion
    B Strong CBD Body Lotion
  14. Geranium Incense Sticks
    Geranium Incense Sticks
  15. Clear Quartz Water Bottle
    Clear Quartz Water Bottle
  16. Milly Grain Heat Pad
    Milly Grain Heat Pad
  17. B Strong Arnica Balm
    B Strong Arnica Balm
  18. Trapper Jacket Mens
    Trapper Jacket Mens
    As low as £2,200.00
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