Recover faster and better; active ingredients and massage techniques to aid fatigue and relieve sore muscles. 

After completing a demanding workout - from endurance running to high intensity training - sore and aching muscles are a common and unwelcome by-product.  

Experiencing soreness after sport or exercise is perfectly normal and a crucial part of any fitness journey; it's your body's way of signalling that it's adapting to new physical demands. Intense exercise causes tiny tears in your muscle fibres and connective tissues - known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) - which triggers an inflammatory response. This response is your body springing into action to repair and rebuild the affected muscles over time; this cycle of stress, repair, and adaptation is fundamental to building muscle and improving physical performance. 

While methods such as stretching, foam-rolling and rest can aid in recovery, additional measures are key to expedite the road to relief. 

Active ingredients 

The two new editions to Bamford Grooming Department’s sport range – the Muscle Recovery Bath Soak and Muscle Recovery Lotion - have been carefully formulated to aid fatigue and enhance recovery after exercise. Energising botanicals define the Sport range, working to boost the body and mind with a selection of anti-inflammatory ingredients: 

  • Magnesium: Magnesium plays a pivotal role in regulating muscle and nerve function, crowning it a key player in sport recovery, preventing muscle pain and reducing fatigue. 

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera contains compounds like salicylic acid and enzymes that promote anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling, muscle and joint pain.  

  • Eucalyptus: Much like Aloe Vera, eucalyptus contains anti-inflammatory properties to relieve sore muscles. Additionally, it's stimulating aroma can help clear mental fatigue by boosting blood flow to the brain. 

  • Oat extract: Oat extract offers a range of benefits, from anti-inflammatory properties to cell repairing capabilities. Muscle soreness is reduced, and skin health and moisture is restored. 

  • Arnica Montana Flower: Arnica Montana is a perennial herb recognised for its pain-relieving properties, helping to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow.  

These products are designed to complement each other when applied in succession. Whether utilised after intense training sessions, endurance runs or competitive sport - when used together they promote deeper healing and targeted relief. 

"Now we are bringing BGD into a new era. I am particularly proud of the Recovery products which are the latest additions to the Sport range. I want BGD to be the brand that men can rely on for every aspect of their lives, including the absolutely essential recovery time after sport. I think our clients are going to love the changes we’ve brought to BGD, and that our new additions will open the range up to even more men who want luxurious products that support their active lifestyles."

George Bamford

The role of massage in recovery

Our Men’s post-workout massage uses BGD Sport Muscle Recovery Bath Soak and BGD Sport Recovery Lotion to soothe muscles, release tension and restore balance. Begin with a brief Shiatsu session before a targeted massage, with focus extending to the back of the legs, to enhance circulation and relieve tightness. This is followed by some gentle foot reflexology movements and refreshing application of rosemary oil to the neck and chest; leave feeling rested and ready to take on your next challenge. 

Maximise the benefits 

  • Timing: For optimum results, apply the Bath Soak and Lotion soon after sport and exercise. Muscles are most responsive to healing 48 hours after physical activity, so it is important to factor this in when scheduling a massage.  

  • Massage movements: When applying the Lotion, massage into areas of tension thoroughly to help stimulate blood flow and aid in the absorption of active ingredients. 

  • Consistency: Consistency is key. Incorporate the Bath Soak and Lotion regularly to build on your recovery routine. This will help maximise the benefits over an extended period of time. 

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