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Ruth Anne Adams is a groundbreaking therapist and healer, who works with the mind, body and energy field as one to restore your natural alignment with the cycles of your life and the greater universe around you. With over 15 year’s experience, she seamlessly brings together the worlds of clinical therapy and ancient holistic practices to improve your entire well-being in this unique 360 approach to healing.


Each session with Ruth is completely bespoke and designed around your needs. Following an in-depth analysis of the mental or physical concerns you are currently facing, she will then map the best journey of treatment for you combining psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and deep energy healing to completely release the negative thoughts, feelings, traumatic experiences and toxins that are impacting you. All sessions include a 14-day bespoke at-home program which runs alongside your sessions.

Ruth is also an expert in women’s health, with a highly successful and long-running specialist practice in the treatment of hormone imbalances and fertility concerns.

You can book sessions with Ruth below or by calling or emailing the Spa.

Call: 01608 731703


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