Transform your skin with our skincare duos; tailored to target specific concerns. 

Dry and Dehydrated Skin  

Products: Hyaluronic Glow Serum + Firming Cream 

Apply the Hyaluronic Glow Serum to deeply hydrate and lift the skin, followed by the Firming Cream to replenish the skin’s moisture levels with hydrating plant actives. 

Dull Skin  

Products: Refining Exfoliator + Refining Mask 

Apply the Refining Exfoliator to buff away dead skin and remove any impurities. Follow with the Refining Mask to awaken the complexion; lactic acid and fruit enzymes work to promote a radiant glow. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Products: Stem Cell Serum + Firming Cream 

Apply the Stem Cell Serum to regenerate and repair the skin. Follow with the Firming Cream; enriched with plant actives to plump and blur fine lines, this gives the complexion a tighter and more youthful appearance. 

Oily Skin and Large Pores 

Products: Brightening Cleansing Gel + Brightening Mask  

Apply the Brightening Cleansing Gel to clean the skin and remove impurities, revealing a healthy glow. Follow with the Brightening Mask; a trio of clays work to detoxify and clear congestion, while lilac extract regulates oil production.  

Enhance the effectiveness of your chosen duo with the following steps  

Gradual introduction 

Your skin can take time to adjust to new products; we recommend starting with a slower frequency to avoid unwanted irritation, especially if you are prone to sensitive skin or using products with active ingredients. Begin with a few times a week or every other day and gradually increase as tolerated. 

Layering Order 

The order in which you apply your skincare is important to maximise efficacy. As a general rule, products with lighter consistencies should be applied before heavier ones. For example, water-based serums should be applied before creams or oils. 

Keep it consistent

Your skincare routine is a long-term investment in your skin’s health. Results become more visible with consistent use over weeks and months; skin cells become more efficient in renewal and skin barrier function is gradually strengthened. By maintaining your routine, you are more likely to achieve and sustain the desired improvements in texture, tone and overall appearance. Monitor your progress and track changes to stay motivated. 

Sun Protection

SPF should be worn daily, even when the sun isn’t shining! UVA rays can damage the skin making it prone to signs of aging and wrinkles. Some skincare ingredients such as AHA’s BHA’s and Vitamin C can also increase skin sensitivity to the sun. Our SPF 50 should be applied daily for ultimate protection against UVA and UVB rays; the broad-spectrum formula blends effortlessly into the skin without leaving a chalky white cast. 


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