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Patrizia Sascor is a London based basket weaver. Her work focuses on reinterpreting every day, functional objects such as baskets into more abstract, sculptural elements, inspired by natural, organic forms. Playing with space, the weave of the baskets is just enough to suggest and fix their organic shapes, searching for lightness and transparency.

A selection of Patrizia Sascor's small and large baskets are available to purchase exclusively in our London and Cotswolds stores.


Patrizia Sascor: Organic Forms

Patrizia Sascor is a London-based basket weaver, originally hailing from Milan, Italy. The aim of her work is to capture movement and rhythm within a still form. It is this intention which imbues each basket she creates with the energy of nature, as if they have naturally formed somewhere outside – earthy materials woven by whirlwinds and birds’ beaks. The result is a dynamic quality which gives each piece a personality of its own, and presence within the spaces they inhabit.