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Behind the scenes of our Cotswolds Wellness Spa

We are delighted to open the newly extended space at our Cotswolds Wellness Spa, now including a wet area with a herbal sauna, crystal steam room and a vitality pool. New, larger studio spaces will offer extensive forms of Bamford yoga, gong therapy, meditation and Pilates. Bamford practitioners and visiting specialists will provide crystal healing, astrology and craniosacral therapy, nutrition and osteopathy. Read on to learn more about our holistic wellness destination.

The treatments

Extended treatment rooms provide a selection of carefully-curated facial and body treatments, each devoted to restoring and nurturing your well-being through targeted, holistic methods. A fusion of ancient traditions, treatments work both physically on the body as well as calming the mind to harmonise your emotional and mental well-being too. They incorporate techniques such as shiatsu massage, healing jade stones, reflexology, acupressure, assisted stretching, LED light therapy and yogic breathing, all designed to individual’s needs.

Outdoor Wellness Tent

Taking the mind and body outdoors and into nature the Heritage Orchard will host the Bamford Wellness Tipi, featuring yoga, Pilates, sound healing and a range of treatments. Further away from the orchard, tucked away in the peaceful greenery of the Bamford garden is the Bamford Crystal Hut where private sessions are held with crystal healer and clairvoyant Katie Wright, while a new programme of Wellness Walks will help teach and instil mindfulness and a connection with nature.

The Wellness Cafe

The Orchard Bar, a new Wellness Café located within the Spa, will offer a wheat-free menu using seasonal ingredients from Daylesford Farm. In-house nutritional chef Dominique Park will create a daily menu with a focus on wholegrain, fresh, organic, balanced, local and seasonal foods, devised with optimal well-being in mind.

Eco-friendly design

The extended eco wellness space is housed in a high-ceilinged, expansive agricultural barn. The architects have worked with the original features of the building to allow natural light to flood the rooms and air to circulate and flow, allowing us to capitalise on the use of natural light and passive ventilation throughout the bright, spacious and airy building. A full-height entrance creates a large, open focal point for the space and there is an emphasis on the use of natural and locally-sourced materials throughout to reflect the rural surroundings, referencing the four natural elements: fire, water, earth and air.

In keeping with Bamford’s commitment to have minimal impact on the environment, the site uses renewable energy and a biomass boiler to heat the building; design decisions have also been led by this aim – with the use of triple glazing and recycled fittings, as well as locally sourcing materials where possible, such as timber sourced from the Daylesford estate.

Bamford Wellness Spa Cotswolds exterior

'This extended space has allowed us to create a unique wellness destination that is unlike any in the UK. The breadth of treatments and traditions offers the very best healing therapies from around the world, many of which I discovered in India years ago. But it is also a unique space - not simply because of its situation at the heart of an organic farm, but because the natural materials we’ve used to furnish the building recall our innate connection to nature and reflects Bamford's philosophy that we need to slow our bodies and minds and live in harmony with our surroundings to enable that healing process.'