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Irish Tweed

Handwoven Donegal tweed, made from the finest wool, is woven in weaver’s homes before being washed in the peaty waters of the River Eske, which flows beside the mill. We love how its muted shades and nuances reflect the every-changing palette of nature.

Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton shirts are made using GOTS-certified fabric from an innovative Swiss mill. Each piece is guaranteed to contain no harmful substances and is created using minimal water, a precious resource that is respected accordingly.

Double Faced Cashmere

Bamford’s signature fabric, double faced cashmere, is the most revered of the woven cashmere fabrics. Known for its extraordinary lightness, fine texture and versatility, two fine layers of cashmere are interwoven to create the double face.


Cashmere is at the heart of each of our collections. Sourced from the world’s best suppliers, whom we have built close, longstanding relationships with, we only use 100% pure cashmere.


Soft as cashmere, warmer than merino, yak is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Our Forbes Knit features a hand-sewn blanket stitch shoulder detail and panelled ribbing; a true statement knit.

Shearling Lambskin

A natural insulator, lambskin is fine and supple, but ages beautifully, moulding into wearer’s shape. Perfect for layering over our trademark knits.


One of the oldest textiles in the world, made from the fibres of the Flax plant, linen is an exceptionally breathable fabric, which has been valued for it’s cool freshness and unique qualities for centuries.


We love the look, texture and versatility of wool. Not only is it an extremely resilient fibre for clothing, it is also naturally biodegradable going back to the earth within a single year, enriching the soil and minimising waste.


Herded at high altitudes, Alpaca are bred for their unique fleece, which comes in 52 natural shades.