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Online classes

Vinyasa Flow

The word vinyasa translates into "flow with breath". Vikrant’s class consists of a dynamic sequence of postures and asanas combined with breath to create an energizing and detoxing effect. It improves balance, strength and flexibility, along with working on the cardiovascular system. There is a focus on the fundamentals of yoga where one leaves feeling stronger, lighter and recharged.

Virtual Vitality Yoga

Rise early to connect with the sun's energy. Practice sun salutations and back bends. Activate breath pranayama to work with the solar plexus. Awaken your centre of will power and vitality.

Hatha Yoga and Breathwork

A slow flowing practice of asanas that develops flexibility, strength and vitality. Savasana (final relaxation) helps quiet the mind and helps to bring the body to it's natural state of balance whilst pranayama (breathing exercises) eliminates toxins, recharges your body and mind and controls your mental state by regulating the flow of prana.

Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness

A slow flow of asanas that develops flexibility, strength and vitality. Savasana (final relaxation) helps quiet the mind and helps to bring the body to it's natural state of balance whilst pranayama (control breathing) controls your mental state by regulating the flow of prana leading you into a state of mindfulness - the energy of being awake to the present moment.

Power Pilates

Targeted to strengthen, sculpt and tone your full body, while activating the core. Power pilates is a 60 minute effective workout. It includes a series of mat-based and toning exercises. You are going to be working on creating strength and definition in your whole body. This class is for all levels with regressions and progressions.

Beginners Yoga

If you are new to yoga, or if you looking for a gentle workout focusing on the basics, this class is for you. It includes foundational opening poses, balancing poses, shoulder and hip exercises as well as back and forward bends. Yogic breathing techniques help to bring energy and rhythm to the practice whilst final relaxation leaves the practitioner feeling peaceful and refreshed.

Home Interval Workout

A total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body. Improve your endurance and clear your mind with our high intensity interval training class.

Holistic Healing Hour

A body, mind and soul journey that integrates gentle stretching combined with conscious breathing, deep relaxation, healing meditation and sound vibration. An hour dedicated to your true self. Connect with the power that is already within you. Experience your inner divinity.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower form of yoga that has been informed by western science and anatomy merged with Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. Using architectural poses that are held for 4-6 minutes each to target the fascia – the deep connective tissue that runs throughout the body - these long-held poses apply continuous gentle pressure to realign and relax the body. There is no energy output in this 60 minute yin yoga class, but rather an ‘energy charge’ for the body and the mind.

Vinyasa Flow

Invigorating Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic practice. Deeply physical as well as spiritual, we will synchronise breathe with movement as we flow and transition through a sequence of postures. The practice also includes a full guided seated meditation for an effective mental ‘reset’. This class will leave you calmer, more focused, leaner and stronger over time.

Open Yoga

A unique and nurturing style of yoga, this class incorporates slow (yet strong) mindful movement. With a significant focus on the breath and its healing qualities, and the Buddhist meditation methods of mindfulness and compassion, the balanced approach to yoga taken in this class makes this as an accessible option to all ages and abilities.

Virtual Mantra Meditation and Yoga Nidra

This relaxing afternoon class takes you on a meditative journey. Mantra recitation or chanting is used to focus the mind-heart with divine, both within and without. The lying down Yoga Nidra meditation takes you into a dimension of infinity, complete surrender and true healing.

Online practitioners

Jasmine St Cliere

Jasmine St Cliere is the Resident Yoga Teacher at our Bamford Wellness Spa in Brompton Cross, London. She began her holistic healing journey and trained as a Yoga teacher in India, wanting to deepen her own understanding of energy and body work. Jasmine furthered her Yoga training to include Reiki and more nuanced restorative forms of yoga and has taught workshops and classes across the globe; her approachable teaching style reflects her holistic approach to well-being.

Cristina Chandika Ma

She is an innovative, visionary spirit with a deep devotion to heart alchemy. Her life mission is to ignite transformation and healing. Cristina's signature Hatha Flow Yoga are in tune with the seasons and moon cycles - a slow flow that integrates breath, alignment, mudra, mantra, deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation.

Vikrant Koli

Vikrant Koli has been a fitness expert for fifteen years. His passions include pilates, yoga, strength training and sports nutrition. You can find a mixture of different forms of exercises in every session. He has worked with luxury hotels and cruise ships training VIP clients. Based in the Cotswolds now, he shares his knowledge and experience to empower people to be healthy.

Athena Ko

Athena has an extraordinary depth of experience looking after and guiding students to a place of focus, mental clarity and calm via Meditation and Yoga. She has particular insight into the mindset of people who have high levels of demands on themselves professionally and personally. In an increasingly complex and pressured world, Athena is ept at providing pragmatic advice to students in finding their seat in the eye of the storm, discovering and drawing on their unlimited potential and living their very best life.

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