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natural fibres

Natural Fibres

We are committed to using natural fibres as they are biodegradable and will one day be returned to the soil without harming it. Kinder to skin and designed to last.



We value our work with highly skilled craftsmen and their traditional techniques. This garment has been either wholly crafted or partly crafted by hand.

clean dying

Clean Dying

In coordination with Greenpeace, this yarn has been produced without hazardous chemicals so the water that leaves the production plant is cleaner than the water that entered it.

zero waste

Zero Waste

This garment has been made with either minimal or absolutely no waste at all.



Colours as nature intended with no risk of pollution from dying.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is better for our environment and the soil as the crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.


Recycled Nylon

Where we have had to use some man-made fibres to enable stretch in this product, we have chosen a recycled nylon which is produced with a reduction in CO2 emissions, water consumption, and use of energy from renewable resources.



Hemp is a fast- growing, fully biodegradable plant fibre which can be recycled and reused.



We take great care to ensure our wool is sourced from reputable spinners with animal welfare at the heart of their supply chain. We value the beauty, resilience and recyclable properties of this natural fibre.



Using only the finest quality cashmere we work with select makers in Scotland and Italy who share our deep respect for this most precious fibre ensuring our designs are developed for timeless appeal and longevity.



Alpaca yarn is lanolin free and therefore hypoallergenic, a soft fibre to be worn close to your skin. Alpaca fibre offers a wide range of natural colours, encouraging less dye stuff to be used in the production process.



Linen is a recyclable and bio-degradable textile made from the fibres of the flax plant which grows without need of pesticides or additional water. We celebrate the natural imperfections and coolness of this ancient cloth.

made in england

Made In England

Proudly made in England.

made in scotland

Made in Scotland

Proudly made in Scotland.

made in italy

Made in Italy

Proudly made in Italy.

made in india

Made in India

Proudly made in India.