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50ml Citrus Wash

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To help you understand the materials we use, how and where our products have been made, plus where we have achieved relevant certifications, we’ve added the below icons on each of our product pages where applicable.



Home-grown Merino Wool

Our Saxon merino flock lives on Daylesford Organic farm in Gloucestershire; the wool is sheared, spun and knitted in the UK without ever leaving British soil.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is better for our environment and the soil as the crops are responsibly grown without being treated with pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.

natural fibres

Natural Fibres

We are committed to using natural fibres as they are biodegradable and will one day be returned to the soil without harming it. Kinder to skin and designed to last.


Recycled Fibres

Where we do use small amounts of man-made fibres to enable stretch, we have chosen a recycled fibres which are produced with a reduction in CO2 emissions, water consumption, and use of energy from renewable resources.



Hemp is a fast-growing, fully biodegradable plant fibre. Hemp fabrics are incredibly durable and long-lasting, and can be recycled and reused.



We take great care to ensure our wool is sourced from reputable spinners with animal welfare at the heart of their supply chain. We value the beauty, resilience and recyclable properties of this natural fibre.



Using only the finest quality cashmere we work with select makers in Scotland and Italy who share our deep respect for this most precious fibre. In 2022 we will be introducing certified cashmere into our collection.



Alpaca yarn is lanolin free and therefore hypoallergenic, a soft fibre to be worn close to your skin. Alpaca fibre offers a wide range of natural colours, encouraging less dye stuff to be used in the production process.



Linen is a recyclable and bio-degradable textile made from the fibres of the flax plant which grows without need of pesticides or additional water. We celebrate the natural imperfections and coolness of this ancient cloth.


zero waste


We minimise waste by repurposing fabric off-cuts and discarded materials from previous collections, giving them a second life as a new garment or object made using upcycling techniques.



We value our close collaborations with highly skilled craftspeople and their traditional techniques, passed down through generations. Many of our products have been either wholly crafted or partly crafted by hand.

clean dying

Clean Dying

In coordination with Greenpeace, this yarn has been produced without using hazardous chemicals so the water that leaves the production plant is cleaner than the water that entered it.



Colours as nature intended with no risk of pollution from dying. We increasingly use undyed fibres in our collection to celebrate the natural palette nature offers.

Made In Portugal

Proudly made in Portugal. Our Wellness Collection is made in factories specialising in innovative fibre technology, made using a mixture of GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyamide.

Made in India

Made In India

Proudly made in India. Over 3.5 million people in India are engaged in handspinning and handweaving, and artisans constitute the second largest source of Indian employment following agriculture.

made in england

Made In England

Proudly made in England. As part of our continuing effort to reduce our footprint, we increasingly look to the heritage craftspeople and makers in the UK to produce our collections.

made in scotland

Made in Scotland

Proudly made in Scotland. We have always relied on the generations of expertise that mark out knitwear production in Scotland and want to see it survive.

made in italy

Made in Italy

Proudly made in Italy. We collaborate with family-owned businesses who are part of a long heritage of luxury craftsmanship across Italy.



Assurance that 95% of ingredients are organic. This is an internationally recognised standard for organic cosmetics and ensures genuine organic beauty products produced to the highest feasible sustainability practices. Guarantees no gm ingredients or controversial chemicals. This standard also covers sustainable manufacturing processes, minimal packaging with maximum recycled content and protecting wildlife and biodiversity.


Assurance the percentage of natural ingredients declared are of natural origin. This is an internationally recognised standard for natural beauty products. Guarantees no gm ingredients or controversial chemicals. This standard also covers sustainable manufacturing processes, minimal packaging with maximum recycled content and protecting wildlife and biodiversity.


The Global Organic Textile Standard is the most respected and trusted certification for the farming and manufacturing process of garments. We are committed to increasing our organic cotton content season after season.

Bamford has been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury – an accreditation that serves to authenticate the positive impacts of brands and businesses. In this way, earning the Butterfly Mark holds us accountable; it verifies that we have met Positive Luxury’s highest standards of environmental performance and ethical practice, and ensures that we will continue to exceed these standards through continual innovation and development.