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Upcycling deadstock fabric

At Bamford we have always sought to create collections that embrace a slow, considered and artisan-led mindset, by producing clothing and home textiles that are designed to last, and made in small quantities. We strive to apply this core value to everything we do: to respect and honour the natural materials that we work with, born from the soil, and to ensure we do everything we can to minimise waste.

Repurposing off-cuts and materials that are otherwise unusable is just one of the ways we can do this as designers. Checking our inventory of archive materials from previous collections and working within these boundaries can create exciting new possibilities – looking to the past to envision the future.

For Autumn-Winter 21, we have created a capsule homeware collection that has been made from deadstock natural indigo dye fabrics, patchworked with antique indigo cloths that vary in age from the 17th-20th centuries. The textiles have been hand stitched in India so each style is beautifully unique, with any tears on the antique fabrics delicately hand darned to reinvigorate them for the contemporary home.

Sustainability at Bamford

This is part of our commitment to enduring design. As designers we hope to continue implementing creative approaches to confront the problem of mounting textile waste – bringing a brighter future for people and planet into being.