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Home-grown Merino Collection

Our farm. Our sheep. Our wool.

Our Home-grown Merino wool is organically and regeneratively farmed, coming from merino sheep at Daylesford Organic farm in Gloucestershire, UK.

Tread lightly, shop consciously.

Our Home-grown Merino knitwear collection makes tangible Bamford’s vision for beautifully made clothing that has a fully traceable and transparent product journey, is 100% biodegradable and will nurture soils for future growth. The collection heralds the homecoming of the UK knitwear industry, bringing the spinning, processing and knitting of the wool fibre closer to the merino flock’s home in the Cotswolds.

Photography and videography: Martin Morrell

639 miles. That's all.

The average supply chain for merino knitwear is 18,000 miles – that’s 30 times the length of the UK. Our Home-grown Merino wool travels no further than 639 miles from our farm to our shop.

Follow the journey

Grown, sheared, spun and knitted in the UK.

We are the first brand to be manufacturing a knitted merino collection that never has to leave British soil.

The map of our Merino journey

1. Home

Where our merino sheep are organically and regeratively farmed for their wool.

2. Shearing

Merino sheep are sheared for their fleece, which renews each year.

3. Spinning

We have worked with a 3rd generation family-owned business relying on their skills, knowledge and techniques.

4. Middle stages

Scouring, carding and combing the fleece.

5. Knitting

The first Home-grown Merino Collection was entrusted to Bamford's longstanding knitwear partner in Scotland.

6. Bamford Barn

The last stop of our Bamford Merino collection before it goes home with you.

7. Compost

Waste wool is brought back to Daylesford farm for composting to nourish the soil for future generations of growth.

Generations in the making.

We have worked with 2nd and 3rd generation family-owned businesses to spin and knit our merino wool garments, relying on their knowledge, skills and techniques passed down through history.

Putting it back where we found it.

All waste generated from processing our merino wool is being brought back to Daylesford farm for composting to nourish the soil for future generations of growth – the garments are 100% biodegradable, too.

Why wool?

Wool is a miracle fibre. We love the look, texture and versatility of wool along with its renewable properties; since sheep fleece grows all year round, after shearing in the spring seasons they begin a new cycle of growth making it a completely renewable option.

Bamford Wool Guide

Our wool items come in many forms - Bamford Home-grown Merino wool is the latest sustainable yarn we are adding to our collection of natural fibres. Our wool guide explains the varieties of wool we use, as well as how to care for this resilient, versatile material.

View guide

The first generation of many.

The Home-grown Hoodie, Rib Beanie and Rib Scarf, have been made using first-generation Home-grown Merino wool that was sheared at Daylesford’s farm during the spring of 2020 and 2021. The ewes have now had two lambing seasons, welcoming the second generation of merino lambs to the farm – their fleece will contribute towards future collections of our Home-grown Merino knitwear.

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