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The warmth of sunlight on skin, the fragrance of freshly cut grass, the feeling of freedom as we leave all else behind and escape to different horizons. Summer carries an innate and effortless sense of serenity and contentment; simple pleasures and the time to savour them.

Happiness comes in many forms: from experiences, from love, from within us, but above all it stems from being in the present. Take time to forget the past, not look to the future, but enjoy each day, each moment, observing your world just as it is.


The artistry of India: Our collaboration with Injiri

Our philosophy and focus with our clothing has always been to create garments that are timeless in their design and made to last you for years. ...

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Travel notes from India

I have been travelling to India for over 40 years. I am captivated by its people, its vibrancy, its crafts ....

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The atlas of happiness: the global secrets of how to be happy

There are people all around the world finding happiness every day, both in countries that top the global happiness surveys and in those that don’t. By learning about them we can find more ways to be happy ourselves and help each other....

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Bamford at the Daylesford Summer Festival

Every year Daylesford opens the gates to their organic farm for a day of summer celebrations....

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The happiness of travel

It’s been proven that doing new things opens up the neural pathways that keep our minds young, fresh and active....

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Connect with your body: Find happiness within

Stress and anxiety sit in the past and future. The more present we are in our day-to-day life the more calm we’ll be....

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Summer skincare: scrub your way to glowing skin

That transition from winter, when our body is covered by layers of clothing, to revealing what can seem like dull, pasty skin can feel intimidating....

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Summer Collection

Khadi is a hand-spun, hand-woven cloth that is native to India, a cloth steeped in history and significance. ...

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Brompton Cross Classes

In our skylit studio, we offer a range of classes designed to move the body in a gentler, holistic way. We place strong emphasis on the mind and also offer guided meditation and sound baths...

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Haybarn Heal Series

On Saturday afternoons, a visiting expert will offer a 2-hour session inviting you to learn about or deepen your understanding of a healing therapy....

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Can we boost our brain power with dietary supplements?

At Bamford, we believe in nourishing body and mind inside and out, with pure natural ingredients and holistic means, but we know there are times when our bodies or minds need a little extra help....

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New Haybarn Collection

Made from organic cotton, the collection offers a soft, functional alternative to the synthetic fabrics of traditional activewear, but has a social and environmental conscience too....

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Shining a light on Skincare

Natural and non-invasive, the treatment has been clinically proven to reverse the visible signs of ageing and accelerate cell renewal and healing....

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Spring — Summer Collection

At the heart of each collection are the yarns and fabrics we work with. Made from natural fibres, these continue to provide a soft palette this summer season. ...

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