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50ml Citrus Body Wash

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B Vibrant Collection

An energising range for hair and body, inspired by the sun and powered by botanicals.

Designed to awaken and uplift, these daily essentials stimulate the senses with their refreshing scent, while their revitalising textures invigorate both skin and scalp. At their heart: an essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, basil, rosemary, bergamot and marjoram, which supports energy levels naturally, from morning until night.

Try the B Vibrant Shampoo, which stimulates circulation to the scalp. Or the rejuvenating avocado oil-rich B Vibrant Conditioner, which results in stronger, healthier-feeling hair. Both contain alfalfa, a protein-rich grain, with high levels of vitamins B1 and B6, and follicle-strengthening coffee robusta seed extract, helping to prevent hair loss and eliminate breakage, while restoring silkiness and shine.

For the body, there's the B Vibrant Shower Cream, created to soften and detoxify the skin, with an antioxidant-rich blend of moisturising coconut oil and healing aloe vera. Or the B Vibrant Body Moisturising Milk, which refines and regenerates the skin with a rich shea butter base and wheatgerm oil. Both contain alfalfa, a natural powerhouse, which smoothes the skin and protects its natural lipid barrier, plus anti-inflammatory roman chamomile, to soothe sensitivity.

B Vibrant is produced in the UK using Soil Association-certified organic ingredients and entirely recyclable packaging, a decision that echoes Bamford's ethos of treading lightly upon the earth. Discover the collection online and in store.

Bathe in the sound of our B Vibrant crystal singing pyramids

We turn to music to express ourselves, to soothe, comfort and distract our minds, and we play it in celebration. Music is therapy – metaphorically, and as many of us our now learning, physically.

Like the role the breath plays in meditation, sound is a vehicle to aid relaxation, enabling us to slow and focus our minds and truly switch off. The sounds are heard but they also felt through the body, with frequencies targeting different concerns. The notes and vibrations lull you into a meditative state but it is a state of relaxation our brains only tend to achieve when we daydream or sleep deeply, a state known to aid creativity, harness energy and ease stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

Visit our Haybarn Brompton Cross to experience crystal singing pyramids in our skylit yoga studio and discover the transformative effects of sound healing for yourself.