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Bamford presents Nila

Nila meaning ‘blue’ in Sanskrit is a charitable initiative, spearheaded by the Lady Bamford Foundation and dedicated to honouring and preserving the natural dye and handloom traditions of rural India. The initiative offers a platform for artistic exchange, innovation and education but also a space for creativity, cultural exchange and the crafting of hand-made textiles. Like Bamford, Nila shares a passion for sustainable production, natural fibres, protecting the soil and keeping traditional handicraft skills alive.

At the heart of Nila is the colour indigo, a shade that reflects devotion, wisdom, integrity and sincerity. And the indigo dye that is characteristic in so many of its arresting blue textile work is indigenous to India, carefully grown, fermented and extracted from the indigofera tinctoria plant, and celebrated for over 4000 years.

Not only does this beautiful hue colour each garment in the Nila collection, it helps to sustain India’s natural, artisanal ecosystem. As a natural dye, indigo is kind to the craftsmen who use it, while being inherently kind to the soil.

Indigo is also wonderfully unique. There is no single recipe – the colour produced by the dye depends on many factors such as yield, climate, humidity, temperature, the number of applications, and the number of bacteria required for fermentation. These various aspects and the delicate interplay of external elements are what make indigo textiles so precious. The beauty of Nila is in this uniqueness, and for that reason, each piece will differ slightly.

Sales from Nila products are to be re-invested providing improved market access for artisans and artisan groups.