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Claudia Schiffer X Bamford


'I’m thrilled that in celebration of my 50th birthday Bamford have curated the products I use in my daily routine, into a limited-edition set, complete with a bespoke “Claudia” bag. I love natural skincare and have used Bamford’s products for years. They contain no harmful chemicals or preservatives, feel luxurious and are effective. Their organic and sustainable ethos is also very important to me.'

- Claudia Schiffer

In honour of this special birthday Carole Bamford joins forces with her close friend Claudia Schiffer to create a limited-edition charity beauty collection. The bespoke bag designed by Carole and Claudia contains a selection of the daily skincare and wellness essentials that make up the heart of Claudia’s beauty regime. The collection of items celebrates Claudia’s love of natural and organic skin care and the confidence that comes with age when you look after your health and well-being.

‘Claudia and I are united in our desire to look after our minds and bodies in a natural, holistic way and so it makes me very happy that we’ve been able to collaborate on this design. Not only is it inspired by our shared love of nature; in supporting Heads Together we are able to highlight a cause that is very important to each of us, and which also echoes one of the values that has been at the heart of Bamford since I founded the brand.’

- Carole Bamford

The canvas bag is lined with a bespoke cloud print in 100% organic cotton referencing the women’s shared love of nature - finished with our signature porcelain heart as a symbol of the intention and care that has gone into its design. It is the perfect size to store beauty essentials or personal items at home or when travelling.



Why is Bamford your beauty brand of choice?

I’ve always related to Bamford’s conscious approach to well-being. Finding a natural brand that delivers on results and experience is hard to come by and something I wanted to incorporate into my lifestyle. I love Bamford’s skin care products because they are luxurious on the skin, effective and free of any harmful chemicals or preservatives. I try to incorporate organic and fresh produce as much as possible and as a family we eat organically and sustainably, so bringing this into my beauty regime was a natural next step for me.

What is your daily beauty routine?

I start with Bamford’s Cleansing Balm followed by the Refining Exfoliator. Depending on how dry my skin is, I mix my Moisturising cream with different oils – Bamford’s Restore, Awaken and Life Elixirs and massage them into my skin. I then use a little of the Triple Action Eye Cream and if I think I need extra hydration the face Serum, which really leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. In the evening, after a meditation session with my calm app, I’ll use the Nourishing Mask whilst I have my evening bath with B Silent Night Time Bath Concentrate and Daylesford’s Detox Bath Salts.

How important is skincare in your ritual?

I have a busy schedule whether it’s work, being a mum or spending time with my husband, so my morning and evening skincare routines are two of the few times in a day that I have to myself. It’s really important to take time for yourself for your mental health and well-being, but also the key to having good skin and slowing the signs of ageing. I’ve always been rigorous about cleansing and using natural skincare products that nourish and fortify your skin, which is why as I turn 50 my skin feels better than ever.

What’s your secret to ageing well?

I think age should be celebrated and revered. When I started to have kids, I tried to be as healthy as possible and by doing so I feel my best today in my body and in myself overall. I work out by doing something different every day from tennis or a yoga class, to a 15 minutes abs class online or walking on the treadmill for an hour while watching a movie. I use organic, natural skincare products from Bamford. I also love Epsom salt baths, meditating using the Calm app and lighting up candles like Baies by Diptyque. I also tend to read a novel before going to sleep, which really relaxes my mind.

How important is a sustainable lifestyle to you?

I think we all need to make decisions that reflect what’s best for the next generation. It’s a sad state the planet is in and there are simple steps we can all take to make a difference. We eat seasonal, locally grown fruit and vegetables, which are free from pesticides, and meat and dairy from organic farms near us like Daylesford. Generally, we’re also careful about what we dispose of including clothing. I’ve kept many pieces from my career, and I am the kind of person that finds it difficult to part with things; each piece is after all a memory and I want my daughters to wear everything that I have. I’m also more aware than ever of the lifecycle of clothes and the incredible number of things we needlessly throw away, so it feels good to give these special pieces a legacy.

What is your Beauty mantra?

It's a subjective thing and it's important to know that and not be influenced by others on what beauty is.

Tell us about your exercise regime?

In terms of exercise, I most enjoy long walks in the English countryside with my family and our dogs, but I have also recently started to do work outs with some of my girlfriends, from yoga to cardio, as well as tennis; every day something new - which is a lot of fun.

Tell us about your diet and approach to food?

I make an effort to eat seasonal, locally organic grown fruit and vegetables, which are free from pesticides, and meat and dairy from organic farms like Daylesford. My treats are chocolates and every once in a while, a great red wine or my favourite Léoube Rosé.

You can now shop the Limited Edition Beauty Collection by Claudia Schiffer X Bamford online and in Bamford stores - while stocks last.