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The collector of future heirlooms

Spring-Summer Accessories Edit

It is within human nature to collect beautiful things. Like the magpie drawn to shiny trinkets to decorate its nest, or the bumblebee gathering pollen to generously distribute throughout our gardens – we also collect a miscellany of things across our lifetimes, that need serve no purpose other than to bring us joy, comfort or to act as a reminder of a special moment in time.

The treasures we collect and keep today are the heirlooms of the future: as designers and makers, we are mindful of this fact and seek to only design pieces that are worthy of being passed on.

We rely on craftsmanship to create many of our accessories, made with traditional skills that have themselves been inherited. These craft techniques are often a relic of past generations, handed down within artisan communities; sustaining the heritage built by those who have come before them, in the hope it will endure long after them.

At Bamford, it is our hope that the objects we curate for our community will remain with you for long enough to one day become somebody else’s treasure. Read on to explore our edit of accessories that are destined to become your future heirlooms.


It is often the smallest objects that we treasure the most: the necklace that we recall our grandmother wearing in family photos; the earrings gifted to oneself in recognition of a personal achievement. Whether we are the first to own a piece of jewellery or it is inherited from a loved one, each piece holds a value that goes beyond the fine materials it is made from.

Pictured: Gold shell friendship bracelet

Our jewellery collection is an ode to summer days spent scouring the beach. Coloured cord necklaces designed in collaboration with Maria Grazia Baldan are a nostalgic nod to the pendants we made as children using nothing but a prized shell and a piece of string. Artfully made, the solitary gold-polish shell adds a playful yet sophisticated finishing touch when layered over the blouses and knits in our Spring-Summer Collection.

The Gold Shell Earrings and Friendship Bracelet are a delicate tribute to the shoreline, featuring dainty shells crafted from 18ct yellow gold.


A sturdy hat is an essential for any collector’s toolkit, providing shade and shelter for days spent exploring. Our Siesta Fedora Hat features in our Spring-Summer Collection each year, and has become somewhat of a collectible item with new colourways of the same iconic design launched each season. This year it has been reimagined in classic navy and ivory shades.

Crafted in Panama using a traditional hand-weaving method, we are pleased to be able to support this historic craft and to ensure the skills continue to be passed down through new generations of weavers. Once woven, the hats are then shaped and finished in a part of London where there is also a rich heritage in millinery, resulting in a timeless fedora that can be worn proudly year after year.

Pictured: Siesta Fedora hat in navy / Tulip shirtdress

Carry your collectibles

When it comes to designing bags, endurance is our top consideration. Our Raffia bags are made in Madagascar using the traditional fine-hook method of weaving, which results in an ultra-strong, sturdy bag that will keep its contents secure.

These hand-crafting techniques also guarantee that the final piece will be able to retain its original shape and form, even after having been stowed away in a suitcase for a long journey. Available in tote and cross-body styles, the navy and natural raffia mix compliments the inky palette of our Spring-Summer Collection.

Pictured: Stripy basket bag / Siesta Fedora in ivory


A lightweight scarf is a trans-seasonal essential that can provide much needed warmth in the early weeks of Spring, and works as a contingency layer for cool late Summer evenings. Soft to the touch, the ambiguous size allows it to be worn around the neck, the shoulders or around the midriff as a multi-functional, reliable accessory to have on hand.

Pictured: Walter scarf / Folly blouse / Matlock pant

We harness the natural qualities of cashmere and linen for our scarves, and for some styles we use a blend of the two fibres together; cashmere provides warmth, and the linen retains the lightness of the piece making it suitable for layering. By using a blend of cashmere and linen we are also diversifying our fibres, which consequently reduces our environmental impact by not placing stress on a single resource.

Learn more about our commitment to working with natural fibres.