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New Haybarn Collection

New Haybarn Collection

Created to complement the classes at our Bamford Haybarn destinations in London and the Cotswolds. The range is designed for low impact training but is stylish enough to move you effortlessly between a yoga class and the rest of your day.

Each year 60 billion square metres of textiles end up as cutting room waste. We minimise this waste through creative design and carefully considered construction - much of our Haybarn collection is completely seamless - without compromising on comfort. Our seamless garments feel like a second skin: comfortable and practical but also beautiful.

Made from organic cotton, the collection offers a soft, functional alternative to the synthetic fabrics of traditional activewear, but has a social and environmental conscience too.


Pure, undyed cashmere is unrivalled as the most luxurious, softest fibre. It is a true reflection of what exists in nature and 100% chemical free. The cashmere will not release hazardous chemicals when it is returned to the earth at the end of its lifecycle.

For this collection we have worked with a twist of yarn, created for Bamford and lovingly crafted by knitting specialists in Scotland.

Organic Cotton

The production of conventional cotton represents 12 per cent of the world’s agriculture, and is the largest pollutant in the fashion industry.


All of the cotton in our Haybarn Collection is organic, we are working towards all of the collection being certified by GOTS by 2020. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the most respected and trusted certification for the farming and manufacturing process of garments. GOTS stipulates that producers througout the supply chain meet requirements for ecology and labour conditions and must use organically - produced raw materials without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilisers.

GOTS gives us the reassurance that we can be transparent and proud of the provenance of our garments. But our philosophy goes beyond the fabrics. Water is a huge consideration. A precious rescource, we want to treat it accordingly, both by avoiding wasting it and by monitoring the production process in which it is used, such as dyeing and finishing.

We also value our social responsibility. Many brands using the terms ‘organic cotton’ and ‘sustainable fabrics’ yet they are producing hundreds of thousands of units at a very low cost. We continue to support smaller factories where we know the factory workers are treated fairly and have a positive healthy working environment.