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Healing through transformation with Padma Coram

Coping with change and emerging from lockdown

Throughout the events, global efforts and individual lived experiences that we have endured in the face of a global pandemic, we know that this rapid shift in our way of life did not come without consequences to our personal well-being. According to a study conducted by the Office for National Statistics, the equivalent of 19 million adults in the UK reported high levels of anxiety, the demographic seeing the highest increase are those who are marred or in a civil partnership – 39% reported high anxiety levels in June, compared to 19% the previous year. This rise in anxiety accompanies myriad emotions and experiences of loneliness, grief and fear to name but a few.

At Bamford we have sought to bring comfort to our community – to provide you with the means to rest, restore and care for your mind and body. Even now as we begin to emerge from our internalised lives and reacquaint ourselves with public life, there is still much more healing to be done as we navigate a new version of what is considered to be ‘normal’. To support our community through this next phase of adjustment, we turned to Healing and Transformation Specialist, Padma Coram, to share her insights on what she has learnt about coping with lockdown, and how we can use this experience to actively transform ourselves as we emerge from it.

Padma Coram uses a unique combination of Eastern & Western modalities to help heal from physical issues or emotional pain and stress. She has travelled the world and has worked and learnt from the best in their respective fields - including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Deepak Chopra to name a few. Private appointments with Padma are available to book with our Bamford Wellness Spa in Brompton Cross, London.

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Where does your healing ability come from, and can it be learnt?

Since Padma was little, she hasn’t known anything else aside from being attuned to her body’s own healing needs and capabilities. ‘I was born and brought up in a house of meditation and Ayurveda and the belief system of ‘Owning Our Power'. I didn’t think anything was different about me because my whole family – my whole community – lived a life of spirituality and healing,’ Padma tells us. ‘Our family were considered Guru-teachers who taught Vedic living and healing, mantras, numerology, yoga, Ayurveda, astrology, Chakra healing and crystal healing for centuries. It wasn’t until I started going to kindergarten that I realised this wasn’t the same experience my peers had growing up.’

Although Padma’s unique upbringing and exposure to these teachings and practices from a young age have attuned her own gift that she uses to heal clients today, she encourages that this heritage is not a prerequisite for us all to be able to heal to some extent. ‘Healing to some extent is something we can all learn and do if we tune into ourselves: we just need to activate that side of us. We all have certain capabilities and capacities: some of us use it and some of us don’t; some of us are more gifted than others. My blessing is not only was I born into it, I was especially attuned since I was little. My family always asked my opinion on things that needed interpretation or positive results,’ shared Padma.

How can we access our own healing abilities?

‘The more we are aware of ourselves, the more we can heal ourselves’, answers Padma. ‘It’s very simple to say, but quite difficult to put into practice. I did not realise until I started dealing with a lot of clients that people tend to think that they know themselves, after only a few hours of self work! This is not the case, it takes effort and dedication. That is why people in India for centuries would go to Gurus to activate these healing abilities inside of themselves – learning from an experienced and authentic Guru helps speed up our own healing abilities.’

In learning what value we place on things in our own lives, Padma believes we get closer to unlocking our own intuitive healing potential. ‘A quick tip is: start observing your experiences and noticing how you feel and respond to them. Learn to join the dots between Mind, Body and Soul in all your experiences. Life is interconnected. We cannot create honest healing unless all three areas are aligned. Once we learn how to do this, many wonderful things start manifesting in our lives.’

What have you personally learnt in lockdown?

‘Since the pandemic started, I have heard the birds tweet louder, seen the plants grow stronger and faster, and all through April the weather was consistently amazing. All this has taught me to look at nature and see how we directly impact the natural world – for the better and for the worse. It has reinforced my belief in the power, beauty and value of nature.

Lockdown has also taught me the value of inner peace, inner strength, and joy even more. It has taught me to seek balance and prioritisation in my life in an ‘active’ way – questions I ask myself and answer inwardly are: what or who makes me happy? What or who makes me unhappy? What helps me to grow? And who or what stunts my growth? There is no better time than now to figure out what we want and to start manifesting it.’

What can someone expect from a virtual healing consultation with you?

Padma gets to the root cause of the problem - the transformational healing creates balance for a healthy, happy & joyful life. ‘The initial Discovery session is as the term describes, we will discover: what brings the person to me? What do they want? And how can they achieve it? The areas we will discover and speak about include the physical realm, emotional realm, mental realm and energetic realm. The client doesn’t need to do anything: I will ask some basic questions and from this I work from the physical level, as well as ‘read’ the emotional, vibrational and energy of the client. Ensuring the client feels safe and comfortable is a priority for me. I want clients to know and believe they can move from a place of pain to peace, ill health to health, from trauma to transformation and from confusion to clarity. With teamwork this is possible.’

At this time, Padma’s appointments will be hosted virtually. ‘The sessions themselves are very similar in person to online. Being in your own home/space normally means you don’t have to spend as much time travelling. A virtual session will provide privacy, comfort in familiar surroundings, and less stress. I also notice the healing time is sometimes faster. Most of all we need not miss getting access to help and healing,’ shares Padma.

Padma is available for Discovery Sessions as well as individual healing appointments, including Karmic Healing, Vedic Meditation and Pranayama to name a few. Learn more here.

'We want to make people feel safe, comfortable, and to know that they can move from a place of pain to peace, and from trauma to transformation.'