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Natural Beauty: Shining a light on Skincare

Biting winds, central heating, rich festive foods and reduced exposure to sunlight can leave winter skin looking dry, dull and lacking in moisture. adopting the right skincare regime for the season can help to combat the harsher conditions but there are moments when we all look in the mirror and want to feed our skin an extra burst of nourishment.

Light therapy was originally developed to speed the healing of wounds and post-surgical scars but it has since been proven to aid a variety of other skin conditions.

At our Haybarn wellness centres we offer led light therapy by Dermalux®, a treatment that harnesses the effects of different colours of light to target ranging concerns. the Dermalux® combination of red, blue and near-infrared light reduces inflammation; destroys the bacteria in pores that causes blemishes; and boosts the skin with new collagen and elastin to repair and rejuvenate it.

Natural and non-invasive, the treatment has been clinically proven to reverse the visible signs of ageing and accelerate cell renewal and healing.

The effects can be seen immediately: after just one treatment skin is hydrated and redness or irritation is calmed.

A course of treatment offers dramatic and lasting improvement in the appearance and health of the skin.