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The making of our button cuff

Our timeless favourite

The journey and story behind this single piece sums up everything we do at Bamford. Consciously designed, responsibly made, attention to detail at every step.

Our signature piece, reimagined each season

The Button Cuff sweater was the very first clothing piece we designed for Bamford, and it has been a cornerstone of our collection ever since. Like all signature styles, the button cuff sweater is elegant and simple, imagined in 40 colourways since its first appearance in 2007.

Watch the video below.

40 colours.

14 years.

One timeless design.

'To watch the knitters work is mesmerising: it requires enormous precision to achieve the pristine line and yet every seam on the garment is joined in this way.'

Carole Bamford

The making of our timeless favourite

Produced in Italy with a small family-owned factory in Perugia, the Button Cuff is slow to knit on rare vintage machinery that requires expert skills and patience to run and maintain. The factory we work with supplies the finest knitwear to renowned luxury houses, placing our button cuff in safe hands and good company.

The design has been considered at each stage of the process. Knitted from the finest count of cashmere and silk, the sweater is fashioned on traditional kniting frames that specialise in producing such a fine quality of material - the same machines that the owner's father and grandfather used to sew with.

Preserving the past

The traditional knitting frames used to knit our button cuff were rescued during the closure of English knitting factories during the 1990s.

Supreme quality

The sweater is knitted on a 30 gauge machine, which is a superfine gauge of machine that is uniqely equipped to be able to knit with such fine yarn.

Rain-kissed cashmere

The factory collects rain water to wash and process the knitwear, reducing overall water consumption by collaborating with natural systems.

Made in Umbria, a region known as the green heart of Italy.

The love is in the detail

The signature buttons on the cuff that give the sweater its eponymous name are made from sustainably-sourced mother of pearl, sewn reverse side up to reveal the natural texture and beautiful imperfection of the shell. Hidden amongst them is a heart-shaped button to remind you of the love and care we put into each piece.

A heart is a detail that runs right through the collection and on each piece there will be a tiny reference to it, though you may have to look hard to see it.

Carole Bamford

Shop the button cuff sweater

Explore our range of iconic button cuff sweaters, now available in an array of colourways from our archive, loved across the years. This Christmas, we are offering in-store personalisation on the buttons to make your gift extra special.

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