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Meet the maker: Sophie Lis

Celebrating Women's Month

The month of March holds a special significance for all of us here at Bamford. As a female-founded business, a commitment to supporting women is woven into the fabric of our story – from the makers of our precious collections to the strong family ties that bind our community together. In honour of this month, which brings us International Women’s Day and Mothering Sunday, we shine a spotlight on the women who are inspiring us onwards in our journey towards living consciously and in harmony with people and planet.

Meet Sophie Lis

Sophie Lis founded her eponymous jewellery brand around the intention of making a difference in the world, with a particular emphasis on female empowerment. Through her deeply symbolic designs and a responsible supply chain, Lis unites her fascination for the cosmos with her advocacy of female strength and independence, resulting in beautiful jewellery that any woman would be proud to wear.

Read on to learn more about what motivates Sophie Lis in her commitment to supporting women.

What does Women's Month mean to you personally?

'Celebrating women is something that has always been close to my heart, and something I actively promote all year round through the Sophie Lis brand, especially on International Women's Day.

I have a “Sophie Lis Girls” dedicated space on the website where I photograph and interview different inspiring women, shedding light on their pathways to success. Every woman has had such different experiences, hurdles they have encountered and battles they have fought. My goal is to inspire others through this channel by showing how the journey to success will always have ups and downs.

What is the most prominent challenge you have faced as a businesswoman in the past year?

'Being a working mother, I find creating a balance between the two a daily challenge. However, being someone who works best when they are a little bit too busy, this is a constant juggling act but one I am most grateful for.'

Which figures in your industry are inspiring you in their efforts to change their community?

'So many exciting things are happening in fashion when it comes to sustainability. Lady Carole Bamford is a remarkable example of someone educating and promoting a better way of creating luxury - I share Bamford’s values of designing high quality collections that are made to last, and am proud to be featured in their curated jewellery edit.'

Could you tell us about one of the most challenging biases you have had to overcome as a woman in your profession?

'I have always had an extremely competitive nature and find gender bias hugely frustrating as to me, people are people. I regularly feel both socially and professionally side-lined or dismissed by some men. The most satisfying thing for me is to keep achieving, results speak for themselves - there is no better way to silence someone than by success.'

What does empowerment mean to you and how do you achieve it in your personal and professional life?

'I feel empowerment on a professional and personal level is very similar. It is the freedom to make your own choices and be yourself.

Choose to surround yourself with people who support and elevate you and leave you feeling positive. Actively choosing to recognise and eliminate negative relationships will give you superpower.'