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Patrizia Sascor: Organic Forms

Keeping craft alive

Patrizia Sascor is a London-based basket weaver, originally hailing from Milan, Italy. The aim of her work is to capture movement and rhythm within a still form. It is this intention which imbues each basket she creates with the energy of nature, as if they have naturally formed somewhere outside – earthy materials woven by whirlwinds and birds’ beaks. The result is a dynamic quality which gives each piece a personality of their own, and presence within the spaces they inhabit.

‘I’m interested in shaping organic, imperfect, sculptural forms and am attracted by imperfections and asymmetry. I try to retain a naïve look, to capture simplicity and the few essential lines able to convey the essence of a form.’

– Patrizia Sascor

Patrizia Sascor’s limited edition baskets for Bamford, Organic Forms, are available to view and purchase at our Bamford Barn in the Cotswolds, and will be moving to our Bamford store in Mayfair, London at a future date. Learn more here.

A vision for the future, rooted in heritage

Basket weaving is evidenced to be one of the oldest craft forms, even predating pottery, and is present in all cultures around the world. Baskets satisfy a variety of human need states - from humble objects to execute daily routines and rituals, to symbolic vessels used for more important life events such as births, marriages and deaths. To this day, the human hand is the only tool capable of weaving baskets; it is impossible to mechanize the process, making this one of the few crafts that are immune to the potential threat of automatization and mass production that has wiped out craft communities globally over the course of the last century.

Patrizia is encouraged by the respect for crafts she has witnessed since living in the UK. ‘I’m feeling rather optimistic regarding the fact that the ancient knowledge will not be lost but integrated instead into a more modern vision. The challenge before us is to enlarge our knowledge through experimenting with materials, design and technical solutions. The survival of all craft is linked to the maker’s ability to adapt to a contemporary vision, while still using heritage techniques. I hope to be able to do my part by producing objects that express both manual skills and beauty.’

Organic Forms by Patrizia Sascor

The six bespoke pieces that Patrizia has created for Bamford are made from willow, her chosen medium because of its perfume, strength and suppleness. It is an unassuming natural material that appears stiff when it is dry, but reveals a versatility when it is soaked in water: it can be bent, wrapped, twisted and woven, in both round forms or straight lines, as Patrizia has achieved with our limited-edition collection of baskets, titled Organic Forms.

‘I felt so blessed when this project was proposed to me. It really helped me to interrupt a negative loop and brought me back to my interests. I’ve used my time during lockdown for reflection, developing ideas, and for facing the challenge posed by a beautiful traditional welsh basket: the Cyntell. And more than anything else, for this beautiful collaboration with Bamford.’

Craft rooted in place

This Autumn-Winter we look to the past: to a heritage in textile production and to the skills and craftmanship of the generations of regional makers on whose expertise we rely; communities whose livelihood and future are so precariously balanced upon the survival of their craft. Amid a world of rapid change and reliance on technology, our support of these factories and the artisans that sustain them, are as important to us as the fibres we work.

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