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Resolutions: A guide to starting small

Holistic well-being

The tradition of setting a resolution is held sacred for many who consider the new year to mark a fresh start and a clean slate. For others it can be a somewhat anxiety-inducing exercise; choosing to put an end to an unhealthy habit, deciding to pursue a lifelong passion or committing to a new routine can introduce even more uncertainty in already uncertain times.

At Bamford, we see value in the ripples of change that can come from even the smallest of actions. Ours is an ethos guided by nature; inspired by the progression of the seasons, we see that the most sustainable change consists in continuous cycles of growth – the budding of flowers and shedding of leaves – not reinventing the essence of who we are. We hope to support you in whatever small changes you are making in January or any month this year, whether they be hard-set resolutions, small adaptations to daily routine, or more intentioned rituals that so many find comfort in.


The most effective change comes from an understanding of where we are in the present moment. Resolutions made from a place of fear of anxiety, rather than a place of love and light, are unlikely to take root. Meditation anchors the mind and body in the present moment, priming the mind to make a commitment that will lead to long-lasting change, in whatever form that may take. Before you set any intentions at any stage this year – not just in January – consider starting with a mindfulness practise to focus the mind first.

Read our guide to mindfulness meditation here

Be well from inside-out

Health is front of mind for most at the start of the year, and resolutions tend to revolve around fitness and well-being goals. Sometimes there is a gap between how well we feel, and how well we want to feel. Modern life tends to ask a lot of our bodies, which we cannot fully provide through food and exercise alone; this gap can open up even further during times of stress and anxiety, as our body seeks to process heightened emotions.

Supplements are a useful way to bridge this gap, and to provide an extra hit of goodness that is both nourishing and strengthening. Our collection of six plant-based supplements is beautifully designed to complement a holistic wellness routine, offering easy-to-absorb nutrients that can aid the body’s natural systems ranging from complexion and gut health. Incorporating supplements into your daily routine is a sustainable change to daily routine that can reap noticeable benefits.


If you are hoping to become more active this year, you are not alone. It is normal to feel a yearning to activate our bodies in new ways after the festive season, particularly as we have been confined to our homes and local areas resulting in less active lifestyles. The good news is, this activity will also likely have a positive impact on mental well-being too, owing to the mind-body connection that we honour at our Bamford Wellness Spas.

We believe that regular movement is essential not only to physical fitness but mental strength as well. We also know that showing up to a class is the hardest part, which is why we are providing gentle movement classes online every day in the morning, afternoon and evening to accommodate your schedule, from Hatha Yoga to more intensive Pilates and HIIT workouts. As we like to say: see you on the mat.

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Tools for wellness

Take time to nurture and care for yourself. Looking after our individual well-being is a holistic process but above all one that is unique to each of us.

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