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A gift guide to rituals

When asked to think of a ritual, what comes to mind? The answer is unique to each of us. From a meditative morning stroll around the block to applauding key workers from our doorsteps, this year has seen us turning to all kinds of rituals – both big and small – as a way to differentiate our days and seek comfort, hope and inspiration.

As we approach the season of giving, sharing the gift of a ritual with a loved one offers them a way to elevate their everyday, and transform ordinary moments into meaningful experiences. Read on to learn more about the art of moment making and explore our Rituals gift guide.

What is a ritual?

The key ingredient to ‘ritualise’ any moment, is intention. In actuality, a ritual can be almost anything you want it to be – or rather, almost anything can be made into a ritual. Unlike habits which are formed over time, rituals exist only in the present moment: as if captured in a picture-frame, time is given a shape through the rituals we perform. A ritual is not something we do subconsciously, as habits often will be; it is willingly brought into being by the intention we are devoting to the present moment.

Why are rituals useful?

A way of training our mind to be more present, rituals have the ability to elevate moments in our everyday lives into more meaningful experiences. This in turn has a positive effect on our well-being and can dispel anxiety by diverting our attention away from the past, and the future (where anxiety resides). The positive effects of the rituals we perform for ourselves in a private setting can be seen and felt in our social behaviour, and how we interact with family, friends or work colleagues on a day to day basis.

Rituals for self-reflection

Crystals are a naturally energetic medium, and are a wonderful addition to any ritual. Our Crystal Chakra Collection will enable you to harness this healing ability – whether it’s a reflective meditation using your chosen crystal, or carrying a single crystal in your pocket for your daily walk. Learn more about the power of crystals.

With many of us turning to virtual classes to keep physically active and healthy, it only takes a few additional, considered details to transform an online yoga class into a restorative ritual. Our Wellness Boxes curate accessories to accompany your virtual practise and elevate it into a full experience. The Shavasana Wellness Box includes an essential oil to apply to the wrists and pulse-points before class begins, as well as an eye pillow to lay over your eyes during the final resting pose of the class; these thoughtful additions will bring added comfort to the practitioner.


Although a ritual requires attention, it doesn’t necessarily have to take up much time. For those who are time-constrained, think creatively about items that can be incorporated into their daily routine that still offer the opportunity to be ritualised.

A morning shower is the perfect opportunity to focus on the present moment. As one of the most private moments of our day, it offers itself to introspection and reflection, simply by focused on how we are applying products to our hair and skin and the scents they evoke. Our Botanic Shampoo and Conditioner contain essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint and geranium providing an aromatic experience – a stimulating and rejuvenating blend to sharpen the mind.

The addition of a body brush into a bathing ritual will also provide a sense of comfort at a time when touch is limited. Skin brushing also eliminates toxins and improve skin tone. Explore different textures by trying scrubs, moisturisers, oils, body butters and creams.

Be inspired with more self-care rituals


The simple act of lighting a candle or an incense stick can instantly fix oneself in the present moment. Our collection of candles and home fragrances offer myriad stimulating combinations of scents to suit the intended receiver.

Our tip: light the candle or incense with a match. Much like rituals, a match is not lit by accident; it is the result of an intended action, and this simple move will immediately elevate the experience of lighting your space. Try our limited edition Christmas Matches - the perfect gift to accompany our Christmas Candle.

Treating the room where one drinks tea as a ceremonial space is a wonderful way to intensify the experience. For tea lovers, consider gifting vessels and utensils for them to create their own tea ceremony at home. Our Casper Teaware Collection is made in Stoke, the British home of ceramics. Made from bone china, the simplicity of the design would suit any home, the perfect companion to our expertly blended Organic Infusions.

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