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Bamford's step-by-step guide to glowing skin

At Bamford we believe in the power of skin care as a self-care ritual. Our skincare range has been developed for treatments at the Bamford Wellness Spa. Inspired by our founder, Carole Bamford’s belief that what we put on the body is as important as what we put inside it, we use natural active ingredients that are potent, effective and achieve outstanding visible results.

Our Bamford skin experts have provided a step by step guide using some of our favourite Bamford skincare products. This ritual is designed to give you some dedicated time to yourself and your skin health, resulting in beautiful, glowing skin.

• STEP 1: Remove makeup and cleanse the face with Bamford Cleansing Balm (tip: use warm, damp muslin cloth to remove the product properly)

• STEP 2: Follow with a second cleanse using the Purifying Facial Mousse cleanser containing lilac flower, a powerful anti-inflammatory extract, and polysaccharide (natural sugar) - this is clinically proven to increase hydration and reduce inflammation. Also, the cooling and soothing Aloe Vera will remove all traces of oil and freshen the skin.

• STEP 3: Apply the Exfoliating Mask before stepping into a shower or a bath and allow the product to exfoliate and brighten your skin. For best effect massage over the product with circular movements for few minutes, then rinse with warm water.

• STEP 4: Dry your skin and follow your exfoliation with a luxurious mask. Apply a thin layer of Purifying Mask to deeply cleanse and detox your skin, leave for 8-10 minutes before removing with warm water or muslin cloth.

• STEP 4 option: Alternatively, apply the Nourishing Mask to feed and rejuvenate your skin.

• STEP 5: Refresh the skin using the Balancing Tonic. Our tonic contains prebiotic which helps to build the skin’s natural barrier function. Apply by splashing on the face with your hands or using a cotton pad.

• STEP 6: Massage the Facial Oil onto the skin using upward sweeping movements, then use your fingertips to apply pressure points starting at the middle of the chin and work out in lines up to the forehead. If you feel any tension or muscular tightness, work more on these areas. Bamford Facial Oil contains evening primrose oil which is high in linoleic acid and works to build and repair healthy skin cells.

• Step 6 option: Enrich the application using a crystal roller to massage the skin on your face. Always working from the centre, work the crystal facial roller outward and upward on the cheeks, continuing this motion on each section of your face. Finish on décolletage, under the chin towards the collar bone, outwards to the sides of the neck.

• STEP 7: Layer the Moisturising Cream over the Facial Oil, sweeping upwards from décolleté to forehead. Our super nourishing cream includes shea butter and cotton thistle extract to soothe damaged and neglected skin.

• STEP 8: Finally apply the serum. This final layer protects and tightens the skin using natural sodium hyaluronate to plump the skin, combined with red micro algae to lift and smooth.