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Introducing our Spring-Summer Collection

Slow. Considered. Artisan-led.

Our collection for spring–summer recalls the intimate and fragile relationship we have with our earth and the opportunity we have as designers and creators to use our craft to sustain, support and restore its vitality.

Timeless designs and a focus on simplicity in function and form reflect our responsibility to produce garments that not only have minimal impact on our environment but demonstrate that what we wear can be an instrument of change and progress, helping to heal and regenerate the soils that provide the lifeblood of our work.

PICTURED: Gardiner shirt / Matlock Pants / Raffia slouch bag

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More than three quarters of the cotton fibres we have used in our SS21 collection is either certified organic or handwoven, which in turn supports both people and planet.

Artisan-led design

Our relationships are longstanding, and we consider it critical to sustain the source of income we provide the many artisan communities with whom we collaborate so closely.

Made in India

Over 3.5 million people in India are engaged in handspinning and handweaving, and artisans constitute the second largest source of Indian employment following agriculture.

'At Bamford we’ve always sought to create collections that embrace a slow, considered and artisan-led mindset by producing clothing in small runs that is designed to last. For this collection, we’ve taken a step back and asked ourselves how the garments we create can also act as a force for change, caring for and enhancing the life of both people and planet. Our focus has been on strengthening our relationships with our suppliers: finding fibres, fabrics and production methods that give back to the planet by helping to restore and replenish the soil that provides for it.’


Inspired by wildflowers

As many have sought to cultivate or strengthen a relationship with nature this year, we have also stayed firm in our connection to it, rooting our palette, our patterns and our fibres in its harmony. Gentle, fawn hues sit alongside accents of pale bluebells and sultry indigo inks, referencing the abundance of wildflowers that carpeted England’s meadows and accompanied many as they sought reassurance and calm in nature’s steadying presence throughout the challenges of this year.

But our choice to celebrate the tender beauty of these delicate habitats runs more than skin-deep. The ancient ecosystems of these meadows are integral to the natural world; they play a vital role in feeding and nurturing the pollinators and species that sustain our earth’s future. What they represent to us is a marked reminder of our interconnectedness with nature and the need to preserve, protect and honour that dependency.

Pale bluebells and sultry indigo inks reference the abundance of wildflowers that carpeted England’s meadows.

Organic cotton: A relationship of reciprocity

More than three quarters of the cotton fibres we have used in our SS21 collection is either certified organic or handwoven, which in turn supports both people and planet. Learn more about this agricultural solution to making clothing more sustainable.

PICTURED: Darcy top / Kiera pinafore dress / Raffia tote bag

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Sustaining support: A heritage of handweaving

Handwoven fabric has a strong presence in each of our collections and we wanted to maintain its prominence in this spring–summer collection above all because the skills of these craftspeople allow us to embrace and support a heritage and tradition that are passed down through generations and provide livelihoods to so many.

PICTURED: Talulah jacket / Lydia top / Matlock pant

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