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The art of home scenting

Garden Candles

Our Garden Candle Collection evokes the delicate fragrances of five flowers – English Rose, White Iris, Wisteria, English Lavender and Lily of the Valley. Each single note scent is distilled into a blend of fragrance oils, encased in a recyclable green glass vessel, available in two sizes: 140g (30 hours' burn time) and 300g (60 hours' burn time).

We have used a combination of beeswax, and rapeseed that is responsibly grown and harvested in Sweden to create the wax for our Garden Candles. The entire production of the rapeseed oil – from seed to extraction – is processed by this Swedish maker; they rely on the close collaboration of local farmers who grow the rapeseed, which ensures control and visibility of the entire supply chain as well as the highest final quality of the oil. The rapeseed meal that remains after oil extraction is used as animal feed, ensuring minimal waste resulting from the production process.


We've captured the fragrance of this flower found fleetingly in our summer gardens. Layered with honeysuckle and blossom, enjoy the scent of wisteria in your home all year round.



The candle wax is poured into a recyclable glass container in Bamford signature green, made in a carbon neutral workshop in Wiltshire and so further lightening the product’s environmental impact. Each candle comes with a disc made from recyclable card, designed to resist wax and keep candles dust-free when not lit. Once the candle has burnt out completely, the glass vessel can either be safely recycled or repurposed as storage or decoration in the home.

To remove the remaining wax, put the glass in the freezer for a few hours – this will loosen the wax from the vessel. Using a butter knife, safely and carefully run the knife around the edges of the glass to break up the wax. Dispose of the wax, and thoroughly clean the vessel using soap and water. You can use the revitalised vessel as a pen pot, to hold foraged flowers or as a container for miscellaneous small objects. Our small candle vessels also make an elegant water tumbler.

New scent: Lily of the Valley

Sweet, delicate and fresh, lily of the valley brings a calming scent into your home.


White iris

‘The delicate heads of the irises herald the start of spring, a time of new life and new beginnings and the joy they each bring.’



‘One of my favourite times in the garden is when the roses come into bloom; their graceful beauty and heady fragrance are the essence of English summertime.’