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The artistry of India

Our collaboration with Injiri

Our philosophy and focus with our clothing has always been to create garments that are timeless in their design and made to last you for years. But how we make those garments is just as important to us. We consider each step in their lifecycle to ensure we are producing our clothing as ethically, mindfully and sustainably as possible and lightening our environmental impact wherever we can. Celebrating craftsmanship and the beauty in the work of the hand are core values within that philosophy.

For our summer collection we have collaborated with Injiri, a clothing and homeware brand, to create two unique pieces crafted using a mixture of traditional Indian handweaving, embroidery and block printing. Founded by Chinar Farooqui, Injiri’s creations are guided by her intuition with the aim of creating a body of work that explores handwoven and handmade textiles from India and beyond. Injiri sees the beauty in simplicity and seeks to redefine traditional styles of clothing, keeping their true essence alive. Central to that work are India’s extraordinary handwoven fabrics which are specific to the region in which they are grown and spun, producing a variety of styles, colours and textures.

Injiri’s work is a joyful celebration of the skill in the work of the hand and, as it does for us, the desire to protect those valuable skills and traditions permeates everything they do.

Chinar Farooqui is a textile and clothing designer based in Jaipur, India, where she works out of her own studio. Her passion lies in studying traditional textiles and unravelling the stories behind the making of a garment. Inspired by antique and simple attire, Injiri was born out of these passions.

We will be selling an edited Injiri collection in our Bamford stores, alongside an exhibition that showcases how each Injiri item is woven and embroidered by hand using traditional Indian textiles and techniques.