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The Orchard Bar

The Earth Element

The Orchard Bar at our Cotswolds Wellness Spa offers a wheat-free menu for spa guests to enjoy before, after or in between their restorative treatments. Using seasonal and organic ingredients from Daylesford Farm, in-house nutritional chef Dominique Park has created a daily menu with a focus on wholegrain, fresh, locally-sourced and seasonal foods devised with optimal well-being in mind.

The seasonal offerings at our Orchard Bar reflect the spirit of holistic wellness that we strive to emulate throughout every element of our spas – nourishment for mind, body and spirit. The thoughtful design of our newly extended wellness destination in the Cotswolds takes inspiration directly from the four natural elements: earth, air, fire and water. Whilst these elements all unite in the bright and open environment where our guests can enjoy their fresh meals, light bites and refreshments, it is undoubtedly the Earth element that has seeded inspiration for the Orchard Bar’s bountiful menu.

Rooted in the earth

Respect for the soil and the landbase from which we source our food was front of mind for in-house chef Dominique Park, as was her personal passion for cooking that was nurtured through her chef training. Born and raised in South Korea, her love for cooking emerged after eating a vegetarian diet for 2 years, at which point she enrolled in a vegetarian cooking school.

‘Cooking was a means of survival for me in the beginning, but then I fell in love with it,’ Dominique tells us. ‘It was here that I learned to appreciate seasonal produce and to understand the network of producers, farmers and gardeners who we rely on for our food. The training programmes were very much in line with the organic, seasonal, well-being focused style of cooking that we offer here in the Orchard Bar.’

Following a successful 7 years working in the finest London restaurants, Dominique has relocated to the Cotswolds to lead the team at our wellness café. ‘The starting point for the menu was to showcase the taste of organically grown food at its finest,’ says Dominique. We are connected to the earth through what we eat; situated at the heart of Daylesford Farm, there is hardly any distance travelled from farm to kitchen to plate. ‘Not only is it economically and ecologically better to source food for the café locally, but the produce tends to be much more nutritious and tastier when it has just been picked.’


The all-encompassing menu offers an extensive selection of hot and cold drinks including cold-pressed juices, smoothies and organic wine; a hot and cold breakfast menu; plus, a lunch menu. The food is freshly made by hand in the kitchen by Dominique and her team using seasonally available produce. We asked Dominique to share some of her favourite dishes from the menu with us…

FOR BREAKFAST: Overnight Oats in natural yoghurt or turmeric kefir, with fresh berries, mixed dried fruits and nuts are a delicious way to start the day.

FOR LUNCH: Green Buckwheat wrap filled with sweet potatoes, fresh ewe’s curd and sprouts or the Chopped Salad with seasonal vegetables – ‘I find a chopped salad can reflect lots of seasonal ingredients at once for example, I really enjoy asparagus in my chopped salad in spring time.’

TO DRINK: Special Smoothie is a tasty and refreshing vegan option with Kale, Avocado, Apple, Ginger, Mint & Lemon.

Overnight Oats in natural yoghurt or turmeric kefir, with fresh berries, mixed dried fruits and nuts

Green Buckwheat wrap filled with sweet potatoes, fresh ewe’s curd and sprouts


The Orchard Bar is located in the Bamford Wellness Spa on Daylesford Farm. Booking is not required - we are open for takeaway and outdoor table service and we look forward to opening our indoor dining area on Monday 17th May in line with government guidelines. Contact the spa team for more information.

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Daylesford Farm

Daylesford Farm have been farming organically for over 40 years. Founded on the core values and vision of our founder, Carole Bamford, it is one of the most sustainable farms in the UK dedicated to raising animals and handling ingredients with the greatest care and consideration, in a way that respects our environment and the land that provides for us.

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