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Fortify your skin against colder weather

Natural skincare for autumn

There is much to look forward to as the autumn season arrives; the time of year when nature is slowly but surely giving into the inevitable shedding when winter comes around.

In much the same way, as we transition into colder months and the weather changes, our skin will react too. ‘When our skin starts losing moisture, the barrier can get disrupted causing increased sensitivity, dryness and irritation’, explains Wellness and Treatment Manager at Bamford Wellness Spas, Kristi Tuszynska. ‘This is why it’s not only a superficial gesture to change up your skincare routine for fall—it’s crucial for maintaining the healthy, glowing skin you have cultivated through summer, all year round.’

Here, Kristi shares her fail-safe fortifying skincare regime for the cold months to protect skin against the cooler temperatures and drier air.

Switch to a richer moisturiser

Because of environmental changes happening around us, as well as the seasonal return of central heating in the home, switching to a richer moisturiser is essential. The Plumping Cream can be used daily, and it really comes into its own when used as an overnight treatment. Apply before bed and the Cotton thistle extract will repair the skin, while strawberry seed oil and Squalane work together to nourish.

Plump up your skin with Serum

The Bamford Serum works to rehydrate and plump skin that might have lost some of its firmness. Micro algae in the formula creates a molecular mesh that tightens the skin, visibly lifting it, while sodium hyaluronate brings immediate and lasting hydration.

Unlike most Serums, ours should be applied after the moisturiser in the morning. It acts as a primer for make-up, or leaves the skin with a natural iridescent glow for a make-up free look.

Pay extra attention to sensitive skin around the eyes and lips

If this is not already a part of your skincare routine, it most certainly should be during the colder months. Just as you should switch to a richer moisturiser to reinforce the hardier skin on the face, you should extend the same care to the thinner, more sensitive skin on your lips and around your eyes.

Introduce more targeted treatments with the Botanic Lip Balm and Triple Action Eye Cream to the end of your routine.

Reveal smoother skin with gentle exfoliation

Under all of the cosy winter layers and face coverings, our skin will endure a build-up of dead skin cells and sebum, so a weekly exfoliation will help to unclog and can keep your face smooth.

The Refining Exfoliator is our physical exfoliant, which energises the skin and reveals a healthy glow. Antimicrobial copper extract and fruit acids effectively dissolve dead cells and unclog blocked pores, while volcanic sand gently polishes the complexion. Use 2-3 times per week by massaging into the skin - we recommend combining it with your morning shower.

For a non-physical exfoliation, our Brightening Drops are designed to refresh and resurface by night. Fruit-derived AHA's and PHA's work in synergy to stimulate cell renewal, promoting a gentle exfoliation that reduces imperfections and renews radiance. Apply a few drops to the skin at night after cleansing and allow the product to work, revealing smoother looking skin when you wake. Always wear SPF in the daytime following use, to protect freshly resurfaced skin.

Train skin with regular facials

It’s not only great for skin health, but a facial is also the perfect chance to relax and allow yourself to be pampered, which can be beneficial for mental wellness. There are a variety of facial treatments to choose from or you could opt for a facial that involves non-invasive LED light to rejuvenate your complexion.

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