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The start of the year signals a return to slower living and for many of us marks a period of stillness and reflection but also of renewal.

It is a chance to consider our well-being and re-examine the ways in which we nourish our bodies and minds. At Bamford, we believe in supporting you with the means that are right for your needs. Through our clothing, homeware, skincare, bath and body products as well as our Haybarn wellness spaces, we hope to provide you with the tools to nurture yourselves in the way that suits you best.

Each day, each moment, is a new opportunity to make changes that enable us to live in a more mindful way and in turn gently and organically bring about wellness and contentment in body, mind and spirit.


NOTE 6: Spring — Summer Collection is here

Our spring collection showcases versatile shapes which move seamlessly between home, holiday and travel...

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NOTE 5: Shining a light on Skincare

Biting winds, central heating, rich festive foods and reduced exposure to sunlight can leave winter skin looking dry, dull and lacking in moisture...

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Note 4: The Haybarn Collection

Created to complement the classes at our Bamford Haybarn destinations in London and the Cotswolds. The range is designed for low impact training but is stylish enough to move you effortlessly between a yoga class and the rest of your day...

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NOTE 3: Can we boost brain power with dietary supplements?

With dietary supplements becoming an increasingly popular topic in the wellness sphere, it can be difficult to work out whether they are necessary, if any can in fact enhance or have a tangible effect on our wellness and if so, what do we buy...

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NOTE 2: Haybarn Heal Series

Haybarn Brompton Cross is launching its weekend wellness workshops. On Saturday afternoons, a visiting expert will offer a 2-hour session inviting you to learn about or deepen your understanding of a healing therapy...

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As the festivities fade, the return to reality takes hold and the challenges and goals we may have set for the new year kick in...

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