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A sustainable solution

Be mindful. Be conscious. Be the change.

Bamford was born out of a belief that what we put on our body should be as nourishing and nurturing as what we put inside it through our food. It creates items for the body and home that are inspired by our connection to the earth and a desire to protect its future.

Bamford’s philosophy rejects the throwaway culture of modern living; we choose to respect nature’s resources and ensure they live on for the generations that follow us. We trace our footsteps: from the environmental impact of the ingredients, fibres, dyes and the water we use, right through to our social responsibility.

Our products are beautifully considered, rich in meaning and quality, with a story we can be proud of.


What does sustainable mean to us?

Being sustainable is not a choice; it is a way of life. For the clothing and beauty industries to be sustainable it is up to us – designers and companies – to be responsible for our actions and to be transparent with our customers. We make clothing and create products, and to do so we use the earth’s resources, but there are things we can to do lessen our environmental impact. This needs to start with a careful assessment of our entire supply chain – to trace it right back to the raw materials and to look at where those products may end up – and when. We are constantly examining our path and striving towards treading even more lightly. These are our key objectives for 2020.





Made to last.

Sustainable Materials

We believe that what happens to our products after they leave us is as important as the journey they take to come to you. It is why we are committed to using natural fibres, and in 2020 are aiming to work with as many Detox-certified dyes as possible to reduce contamination to waterways. Born from the soil, natural fibres biodegrade and will one day be returned to the soil without harming it: wool takes 1–5 years to biodegrade; synthetics such as nylon take 30–40 years.

Packaged Lightly

We work towards minimal waste in everything we do through reusable solutions and no unnecessary secondary packaging. Nearly all of our product packaging is made with recyclable and recycled materials – paper or cardboard, glass or post-consumer recycled plastics, and in 2020 we are making improvements on this. All our online packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable – made from recycled paper and cardboard.

Keeping Craft Alive

We believe in supporting and championing the work of artisans and are passionate about preserving their skills and traditions. Craftsmanship enables and promotes a slow, considered and sustainable way of producing. Craftspeople protect and respect the resources they lean on and are mindful of waste. They work with their hands, producing in small runs, offering quality over quantity and ensuring your purchase is truly unique.

Ethical guarantees

We are working towards having all of our cotton certified by GOTS as organic, and increasing our Soil Association certification to include all of our body and skincare products. Currently, there is no legal standard in place to classify organic in cosmetics, which means brands can label and sell a product as organic and it could potentially not contain any organic ingredients. The Soil Association Certification is rigorous; it reviews the entire manufacturing process, including sourcing of ingredients, energy and water usage information and environmental waste management plans and premises, as well as packaging. We are very proud to have achieved it on a large number of our bodycare range and want to see it on everything we produce.


Bamford was founded on the belief that we need to be mindful of our connection to the earth – to live consciously, respect nature’s resources and the land that provides for us. Our founder, Carole Bamford, is the owner and founder of Daylesford Farm, one of the most sustainable, pioneering organic farms in the UK, and bamford was born out of her belief that what we put on our body is as important as what we put into it through our food.



We select the noblest fabrics and yarns for our collections, mindful of their qualities, heritage and impact on the earth around us.



Bamford has been built around our relationships with our collaborators. It is this community of artisans, teachers, practitioners and family-run businesses that enables us to work and produce in the way that we do: ethically, mindfully and with integrity and accountability.


Carole Bamford

Everything we do at Bamford is born out of my belief that we need to live more consciously: to slow our pace, be mindful of our footprint and take care of the earth that provides for us. In doing so we nourish and nurture our own well-being too.