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Packaged by nature, for nature

Our commitment to sustainable packaging

Our consideration for where we source our materials extends beyond our clothing, beauty and wellness collections and into our packaging.

We have always looked first to nature for our packaging needs, embracing both recycled and recyclable solutions where possible and always championing the reuse of our vessels and boxes that can be given a second life as useful objects in the home.


Our bags are made from an innovative recycled cotton paper made by hand in India. 3-5% of cotton fabric used every year for manufacturing is discarded as waste - but not always, as these waste cut pieces can be collected and turned into beautiful handmade paper. Eliminating waste is a matter close to our hearts; this innovative use of cotton off-cuts, otherwise destined for landfill, is one of the many ways we are moving towards minimal waste.

These recycled cotton paper sheets are used to create our 100% recycled cotton packaging that we use in our stores – including bags, boxes and envelopes. It’s a reusable solution to the mounting threat of waste, ensuring we prevent as much from burdening the earth as possible. Our bags can be recycled once used – ensure you separate the linen handles before placing in the recycling pile, which are also suitable for biodegrading.


When you order from us online, your items will be packed to reach you in perfect condition, in 100% recyclable packaging – made from recycled cardboard.

Our boxes are double-sided, designed to be reversed and re-used; we hope you’ll join us in our efforts to lighten our impact on the earth by reusing or recycling your box and its wrapping.


Our frosted and green glass candle vessels and bath and body care bottles can be easily and endlessly recycled. Ensure you remove the cap from the glass bottle before placing both in the recycling bin.

Where we use custom-made ceramic vessels for seasonal collections, they are designed with reuse and longevity in mind.


We work towards minimal waste in everything we do and aim for no unnecessary packaging, and are aware that conventional cellophane and flexible plastics are among the most difficult to recycle. Where we do use cellophane to safely transport and store our products, preserving their longevity, we try to package as lightly as possible by using 100% biodegradable cellophane.


Sometimes a special gift calls for more decadent wrapping. Our luxury gift boxes are made from 100% recycled cotton paper and are sturdy, visually beautiful boxes that would be fitting in any home environment as additional storage – or to be re-gifted to a friend or loved one.

Our festive bag charms can be re-used as Christmas decorations, and we always opt for recyclable wrapping and tissue paper.


Bamford’s philosophy rejects the throwaway culture of modern living; we choose to respect nature’s resources and ensure they live on for the generations that follow us. We trace our footsteps: from the environmental impact of the ingredients, fibres, dyes and the water we use, right through to our social responsibility.