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The Power of Crystals

For as long as we’ve existed, humans have relied upon the mysterious properties of crystals. The Ancient Egyptians wore stones such as turquoise and lapis lazuli decoratively, while the Ancient Greeks used hematite and quartz to protect – both against evil spirits and in battle. During the Renaissance, alchemists combined crystals with herbal potions, to help heal and fight disease. Centuries later, and the magic of these precious stones endures. But what relevance do they have to the modern-day – and how can we incorporate them into our everyday life?

‘Different stones attract - and work - for the individual in their own way,’ explains Bamford’s Crystal and Spiritual Healer, Emma Knowles - ‘So how we use them, and how we respond to them, is entirely unique’. So too, are their benefits: ‘Crystals act as filters to our energy’, says Emma – ‘So they can be used not only to draw out the things which no longer serve us, but also to draw forth what we desire – be it confidence, love or energy’.

Emma, who sees clients from the Bamford Haybarn in Brompton Cross, begins each session by asking clients to pick a handful of crystals from a selection. ‘Instinctively, they always pick the pieces that they need in that moment - perhaps to instil calm, or to renew vitality. It’s amazing how effective this can be at restoring a feeling of empowerment’. Explaining the properties of the stones is also tantamount: ‘It’s important to break down what different crystals do,’ says Emma. ‘Once the client understands how each crystal works, they are able to develop a deeper connection – both with the crystal, and with themselves’.

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‘Not only does Amethyst work on the crown chakras, promoting a deeper sleep and relaxing your mind - it also brings greater focus,’ says Emma. ‘So you can end the day, and start the day, well. I keep it under my pillow, but you could also place the crystal at head-level on a side table, or at the base of the bed’.


‘Carnelian is a powerful crystal that charges you forward for the day. It’s like a shot of energy in the morning: it stimulates and awakens vitality, so it’s brilliant when you’re feeling lethargic. I gave up coffee and used Carnelian as a replacement for the caffeine stimulation. Try keeping a piece on your kitchen counter’.


‘We all need a little softness on the day-to-day, and pale pink Rose Quartz is just the thing. It is excellent for general love and luck – I always say that it brings some “every day magic” to our lives, and lightens the load. Keep a piece in your pocket for a little lift, when you need it most’.


‘Many of us really lack confidence’, says Emma, ’So Tiger’s Eye really works to bolster this. Carry a piece in your handbag: it also helps to focus the mind and bring a sense of clarity, heightening our feelings of control and self-assurance’.