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Autumn Incense Leaves
£ 50

The latest innovation in incense, our Autumn Incense Leaves emit a subtle aroma whether burned like traditional incense sticks or used as decorative potpourri in the home. Designed in collaboration with Hako, masters of incense who preserve and pioneer the Japanese tradition which originated from Awaki Island in Japan’s Seto inland sea hundreds of years ago. Available in multiple aromas and shapes.

  • Made from Bamboo
  • Made in Japan
  • Includes 5x Incense leaves
  • Aroma lasts for 3 months (unburned)
  • Burn time approx 5-7 minutes
Incense Leaves Web Optimised Grey
Incense Leaves Web Optimised Grey

The art of home scenting

Our Garden Candle Collection evokes the delicate fragrances of five flowers native to the English countryside. We have used a combination of beeswax, and rapeseed that is responsibly grown and harvested in Sweden to create the wax for our Garden Candles.