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Awaken Elixir
£ 60

A highly concentrated blend of apple, lemon and red grape extracts help to gently resurface skin and promote essential cell regeneration. Skin is left smooth, soft and its texture refined. These precious drops can be used alone or mixed with your favourite product to boost.

99% Natural Ingredients

Size - 15ml

Bamford | Awaken Elixir

"At Daylesford we have created a heritage orchard to awaken our love of traditional English apples and act as a haven for wildlife. We found that the simple apple also has wonderful benefits for the skin."


Containing tartaric acid that gently exfoliates without damaging delicate skin. Accelerates natural cell renewal.


Uplifts the mind, minimises anxiety, encourages elimination of toxins and healthy digestion.


A calming and relaxing aroma, used as an anti-inflammatory and a tonic. Benefits oily skin and stimulates new cell growth.