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B Vibrant Shampoo
£ 20

A mild, gently cleansing shampoo, perfect for everyday use. The lightweight, easy-to work-texture invigorates the scalp and hair from root to tip. Rich in Vitamin B, alfalfa and coffee robusta seed extract that help strengthen the hair.

Scented with a 100% essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, basil, bergamot and thyme to uplift mind and body, and awaken the senses.

  • Size - 200ml
  • Made in England
£ 20
Save 10%
£ 18
Save 10%
Bamford B-Vibrant-Shampoo
Bamford B-Vibrant-Shampoo

The sun is a constant in our lives. Its vibrant energy sustains, nurtures and invigorates us and our world. Whenever possible, I spend time outdoors to lift the spirit and connect with nature.



Energising, cooling and helps overcome mental fatigue.

Eucalyptus ING


Mood enhancing, stimulating, rejuvenating and clearing.

Rosemary ING


Soothes the skin and sharpens the mind.

Reviews (4)

  • Excellent


    Robert M.

  • Instantly a favourite

    My hair is fine and thin and this shampoo cleans it gently. It feels silky and moisturised. Great shampoo.

    Mary B.