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Balancing Tonic
£ 40

A soothing and protecting tonic with skin balancing pre-biotic combined with sodium hyaluronate and red micro algae. Balances skin PH, encourages skin friendly bacteria, moisturises, hydrates and protects skin barrier, protects from environmental pollution and stress, tones and minimises pores. The tonic improves the performance of other skincare products by allowing actives to penetrate deeper into the skin.

71% Certified Organic ingredients

Size - 100ml

Bamford | Balancing Tonic

“Life at Daylesford follows the natural flow of the seasons. A favourite time is early summer when the first strawberries are deliciously ripe. Strawberry seed oil is intensely moisturising, making it perfect for daily skincare.”


Uplifts the mind, minimises anxiety, encourages elimination of toxins and healthy digestion.


A calming and relaxing aroma, used as an anti-inflammatory and a tonic. Benefits oily skin and stimulates new cell growth.


Neroli oils have powerful antibacterial properties.