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Coming Soon - Explorer Geranium Candle
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A collection of natural scented candles, inspired by nature and our curiosity to explore. Each candle vessel is hand carved from alabaster. Known as a protective stone, it is said to instil calm, strength and spiritual healing.

The lid helps preserve the fragrance when not in use and can be used under the candle to protect surfaces sensitive to heat. Our hand-poured candles contain natural wax made from a combination of rapeseed, carnuba and beeswax. The wicks are made from cotton and are lead and paraffin free.

  • Green leaf, pepper mint, geranium leaf, cedar wood and frankincense
  • Inspired by Carole Bamford’s greenhouse, where more than 100 varieties of geraniums and pelargoniums are propagated. Geranium is Bamford’s signature fragrance; herbal, green and uplifting scent.

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Alabaster Candle Web-Optimised Grey
Alabaster Candle Web-Optimised Grey

I hope that by shopping with us you can also be conscious of your purchases – knowing that our produce and its packaging are having a lighter impact on the planet.


Known for uplifting the mind and creating a sense of wellbeing, geranium can also balance skin and soothe inflammation.


Energising, cooling and helps overcome mental fatigue.


Mood enhancing, stimulating, rejuvenating and clearing.