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Geranium Christmas Gift
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Bamford's signature scent, Geranium, in two of our most loved products. A pure essential oil blend of geranium with bright peppermint and eucalyptus. The Geranium Hand and Body Wash and lotion are both certified COSMOS Natural products.


  • Geranium Hand and Body Wash 250ml
  • Geranium Hand and Body Lotion 250ml
Geranium Christmas Gift Web Optimised Grey
Geranium Christmas Gift Web Optimised Grey


At Bamford we have always looked to nature for inspiration, the two turtle doves used in our Christmas gifting are a symbol of love and faithfulness.

Geranium oil is anti-bacterial: it can help boost your immune system and speed the process of healing cuts and wounds.


Known for uplifting the mind and creating a sense of wellbeing, geranium can also balance skin and soothe inflammation.


Energising, cooling and helps overcome mental fatigue.


Mood enhancing, stimulating, rejuvenating and clearing.


We have always looked first to nature for our packaging needs, embracing both recycled and recyclable solutions where possible and always championing the reuse of our vessels and boxes that can be given a second life as useful objects in the home. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable packaging here.