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Geranium Conditioner
£ 20

A nourishing conditioner infused with macadamia oil and African shea butter to hydrate the hair. Infused with extracts of nettle and walnut to add shine. Brazilian honey helps to retain moisture.

  • Size - 250ml
£ 20
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£ 18
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Bamford Geranium Conditioner 250ml-WEB-ONLY
Bamford Geranium Conditioner 250ml-WEB-ONLY

We are deeply and inherently connected to nature and need to be mindful of the earth that provides for us, making choices that consider the long-term health and survival of the resources we are privileged to enjoy.

Geranium ING


Uplifts the mind, relieves stress, cleanses and deodourises.



Excellent for mental fatigue, relieves skin irritation, beneficial for sunburn due to its cooling properties.

Eucalyptus ING


Mood enhancing, stimulating, rejuvenating and clearing.

Reviews (6)

  • Bamford is the best

    I absolutely love these products. Everything is very high quality and the smell is amazing.

    Ryan G.

  • DK

    nice and fragrance is pleasant

    Daphne K.