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Home-grown Merino Wool Beanie
£ 85

Part of Bamford’s first Home-grown Merino knitwear collection; made in Britain from wool sheared at Daylesford farm; spun and knitted in the UK. Our Rib Beanie is a classic style in undyed merino wool. Complete the look with the matching Home-grown Rib Scarf and the Home-grown Hoodie.

  • Dove / Cream
  • 100% British Merino Wool
  • Made in UK
  • Undyed fibres
  • Biodegradable
HomeGrown Merino Wool Beanie Web Optimised
HomeGrown Merino Wool Beanie Web Optimised

Size guide

Merino Beanie

  • Length of turn up - 6cm
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Our farm. Our sheep. Our wool.

Our Home-grown Merino wool is organically and regeneratively farmed, coming from the UK’s only certified organic flock of merino sheep at Daylesford Organic farm in Gloucestershire. 100% traceable from farm to shop, we can account for every mile our wool travels.

Follow the journey

Why choose merino?


Merino wool is grown using three ingredients: grass, water and fresh air. The merino sheep that provide the fleece for our wool graze the organic pastures of Daylesford Farm in the Cotswolds.


The merino fiber will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed at the end of its lifecycle. It will return nutrients to the earth, completing the soil-to-soil cycle spurring new growth.


Merino wool is a natural, climate regulating system. The breathing qualities of the fabric hold great advantages when it comes to comfort and keeping the body at the optimum temperature.

Odor resistant

As well as feeling fresher for longer when worn, you won’t need to wash a merino wool garment as often as it doesn't hold onto odors. Simply hang it out in the open air, and enjoy wearing it again (and again) the next day.

Quick drying

Merino wool is knitted into a surprisingly fine fabric that releases water easily, making it quicker to dry than other garments and natural fibres.

Wrinkle resistant

The elastic properties of the merino fiber make it extremely wrinkle resistant, extending wear between washes for longer. It’s the ultimate on-the-go dressing companion.

No itch

Our merino wool is superfine meaning it is more flexible, bends softly and confortably when sitting against the body and won’t itch the skin when worn in direct contact.


Merino wool is a miracle fibre for sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic fiber treats all skin softly and with great care, so that it can be worn and enjoyed by all.

UV resistant

The natural UV barrier of the knitted merino fabric shields the wearer from damaging UV radiation from the sun, providing a natural protective barrier for the skin.

Bamford Wool Guide

Since we first began creating clothing, we have relied on the natural durability and breathability of one miracle fibre: wool.

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