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Michael Ruh Glassware
£ 79 £ 39.50

Glass blower Michael Ruh puts emphasis on a timeless, tactile aesthetic with minimal embellishment. The mini vase collection is perfect for floral displays. Individually handmade and unique in character made in Bamford’s seasonal colours. Michaels signature line work is scribed into the glass surface and signed by the artist.

Michael Ruh Glassware Web Optimised Grey
Michael Ruh Glassware Web Optimised Grey

Supporting artisan communities

Through our collections – particularly those for the home – we explore our deep appreciation and connection to regional craftspeople to reimagine their ancient skills. Artisans rarely work in isolation; their method is rooted in a strong connection to the landbase from which they source their materials, or the social background of their community. Our support of these local communities, and the factories, makers and artisans that sustain them, are as important to us as the materials we work.

Explore the stories of the craftspeople and artisan communities we work with in our online journal.