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Purifying Cleansing Mousse
£ 50

A deeply purifying cleansing mousse with calming organic aloe vera and plant-based cleansers. Lilac flower extract, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to remove impurities and defend skin from environmental pollution. Blemishes and uneven skin tone, such as dark spots, are reduced. Skin is left soothed, pure and beautifully clear.

77% Certified Organic Ingredients

Size - 100ml

Bamford | Purifying Cleansing Mouse

“Late spring happily brings both bright purple and soft white lilac to the garden. The delicate and tumbling Lilac flowers are remarkable not only for their fragrance but their ability to purify and balance the skin. They beautifully illustrate the purity and generosity of nature."


Soothes the skin and sharpens the mind.


Eases anxiety, aids relaxation and rejuvenates the mind.