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Wild Meadow Eau De Parfum - 10ml
£ 25

A delicate yet vibrant scent, Wild Meadow is an evocation of English springtime. Notes of sweet honeysuckle and aromatic rosemary are layered with hints of citrus and grounded with sophisticated undertones of warm vetiver.

  • Size - 10ml
  • Made in England
  • Vegan
  • Wheat free
  • 80% organic alcohol


  • Top - Bergamot, Orange
  • Heart - Honeysuckle
  • Base - Vetiver
Wild Meadow Eau De Parfume Web Optimised 10ml Grey
Wild Meadow Eau De Parfume Web Optimised 10ml Grey

The elegant, easy to wear scents stem from nature and are rooted in time and place.

Orange ING


Refreshes and can relieve insomnia, promoting deep sleep.

Vetiver ING


Grounding, calming and balancing.

Bergamot ING


Soothes nerves and reduces tension.