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Slavomir Latko - Daoist Wellness

From an ancient Daoist philosophy indigenous to China, that emphasizes living in harmony with nature, comes the art of wellness that offers a holistic approach of cultivating not only physical, but also mental and spiritual well-being. It teaches us that the true health and longevity comes from balance and deep resonance with oneself, with other and with our environment. Slavomir offers a unique blend of an ancient healing modalities of a full body massage, acupressure and sound therapy allowing Qi (pronounced chee) universal life force flow unobstructed, detoxifying the vital organs and rejuvenating us at the cellular level. You can expect release of the stresses and strains of modern living, reducing pain, simultaneously improving your overall health. After completing a comprehensive evaluation Slavomir will choose the best course of action according to your individual needs for a completely tailored session. Beyond the benefits for specific issues, all clients enjoy this experience because it produces profound feelings of tranquillity and connection.

Instead of fighting stress or disease, Slavomir facilitates an open space for healing through a range of modalities, addressing the person as a whole. Slavomir will work with your body and mind focusing on underlying causes rather than just physical symptoms, helping you to reveal the innate state of radiant wellbeing.

Slavomir - Daoist Wellness

Slavomir Latko - Daoist Wellness