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A Calm And Happier You With Sophrology - 8th February

Is stress, anxiety or tension holding you back day to day, perhaps making it difficult to sleep or focus? Could you benefit from feeling a lot calmer and balanced in your daily life? Sip on a Bamford Organic Infusion while Dominique guides you through an afternoon of relaxation, empowerment and transformation with Sophrology before leaving with a Bamford gift bag.

Hailed by everyone from The Guardian to The Times and Evening Standard as the UK’s next biggest wellness trend, Sophrology is a simple practice to overcome stress, balance body and mind and live up to your full potential. The practice of Sophrology uniquely blends relaxation, breathing, body awareness and visualisation into a simple and step by step method. Join Dominique Antiglio, a globally sought after Sophrologist, author of the bestselling book the ‘The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology’, Founder of BeSophro, and resident Sophrologist at The Haybarn.

Dominique’s expertise in stress-management is regularly sought in the media and her work has been featured in the Times, The Guardian, ELLE and Marie Claire among others.


A Calm And Happier You With Sophrology - 8th February